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who we are

Meet our lovely team of Muddy enthusiasts who make it all happen. We are committed to creating outstanding outerwear and providing exceptional service to our customers. Read on to discover what we all do and our muddy interests…

Natasha Ascott
Natasha Ascott Managing Director

Chief Mudder Natasha sits at the helm of Muddy Puddles. She grew up in the English countryside with holidays in the Highlands where there was endless rain from winter through to summer. The mantra that was drummed in to her which she still lives by is ‘there’s no such as bad weather just the wrong kit’.

She now has 3 young puddle stompers who love to get wet and muddy and put their waterproofs through it’s paces. Natasha loves thinking from beginning to end about creating products that work perfectly to children whatever the weather. In short waterproofs that work. Then tests them on her own who put the kit through its paces.

She believes that every child is wild at heart and that playing outdoors gives children the chance to roam free, test their limits and grow their imaginations.

- Type of AdventurerChief Rain Dancer
Favourite Muddy DaysHuge yomping walks in the countryside
Biggest Muddy Achievement to DateSwimming in swampy lakes in Somerset
Why do you do it?Cold water swimming keeps you alive!
What do you love most about your job?Everything - making amazing outerwear, working with a lovely team, always facing new challenges
Advice to Muddy adventurers?Always be prepared and if things start to go wrong make up a story (that seems to work when out on adventures with my gang)
  • Katie
    KatieFinance DirectorType of Adventurer Super Muddy Mum
    Favourite Muddy Days Taking my kids to local animal farms, they just love the animals!
    What makes you happiest when you're outdoors? Beautiful countryside views, seeing my kids enjoying running around
    Winter makes you think of… Christmas (my favourite time of year!), bright, crisp and cold winter walks, warming up with hot chocolate
    What do you love most about your job? Its full of challenges, never boring and I genuinely believe in the ethos of getting kids outdoors!
    Advice to Muddy adventurers? Just wrap up warm and get outside! You will be healthier, happier and its free fun!
  • Suky
    SukyBuying Director Type of Adventurer Proper Puddler
    Favourite Muddy Days On the beach in Norfolk.
    What makes you happiest when you're outdoors? Walking with my family (husband, son and dog), we go to either Wimbledon Common or Richmond Park every Sunday.
    Favourite adventure story The Adventures of Tintin
    What do you love most about your job? The creative process, from working on initial ideas for a new season to seeing the first samples arrive – which is like Christmas!
    Advice to Muddy adventurers? Get outside as much as you can and create your own adventures.
  • Melissa
    MelissaMerchandising Director Type of Adventurer Proper Puddler
    Favourite Muddy Days My favourite expected Muddy days were at Glastonbury 2000 - it was quite dry that year...!
    What makes you happiest when you're outdoors? Seeing my little people explore and find new things in the outdoors - last month they found a May beetle and this week we've been collecting snails for a snail race!
    Your Favourite Colour and why? Red usually - love it amongst all the Autumnal colours of the trees
    What do you love most about your job? Getting into the nitty gritty of weekly sales and working with Suky to develop the new ranges
    Advice to Muddy adventurers? There's no such thing as bad weather, just bad kit!! So true...
  • Anna Sara
    Anna SaraDigital DirectorType of Adventurer Muddy Godmother
    Favourite Muddy Days Walks in the beautiful countryside with my friends, family or godchildren.
    What makes you happiest when you're outdoors? Spending time with friends and family, enjoying the gorgeous scenery, keeping healthy together, discovering new places, trying things that seem scary at first such as via ferrata or canyoning, laughing and of course a lovely warming meal at the end of the walk!
    What do you love most about your job? I love the team, everyone is so lovely! The brand ethos of helping children get to spend more time outdoors is very important and the fact that our clothing is made sustainably is fantastic too.
    Advice to Muddy adventurers? Spend as much time outside as you can. There’s so much fun to be had!
  • Lorraine
    LorraineCustomer Service ManagerType of AdventurerSuper Muddy Mum
    Favourite Muddy Days Cycling
    Biggest Muddy Achievement to Date Getting the children on their bikes and riding down to and through the local forest
    Why do you do it? Love the freedom of cycling through the forest
    What do you love most about your job? The variety and talking to Mums / dads / grandparents about getting kitted out for lots of fun outdoor adventures
    Advice to Muddy adventurers? Wrap up, get out there and enjoy!
  • Mandy
    MandyCustomer ServiceType of Adventurer Super Muddy Nanny
    Favourite Muddy Days Walking
    Biggest Muddy Achievement to Date I have kept up my discipline of 2 walks each day for many years now! One neighbour even became my friend after enquiring as to why I walk so much and now comes on a weekly walk with me!
    Why do you do it? I walk to keep healthy and because it makes me feel really happy and I observe so much on my walks especially the changes in the seasons.
    What do you love most about your job? The variety, never knowing what customer queries will occur and being able to help a customer to reach a happy conclusion to their query.
    Advice to Muddy adventurers? The more active you are, the better you will sleep and the happier your dreams will be!

  • Rosie
    RosieMarketing ExecutiveType of AdventurerMuddy Explorer
    Favourite Muddy DaysExploring rockpools and looking for shells on the beaches in Northumberland with my daughter.
    Your Favourite Colour and why? Blue, like the sea.
    What makes you happiest when you're outdoors?Discovering new places and spending time with my family in nature.
    Advice to Muddy adventurers?Look for an adventure around every corner!
  • Becki
    BeckiCustomer ServiceType of AdventurerMuddy Mum of 3
    Favourite Muddy AdventureFamily Camping Trips with my husband and my daughters. We love sitting under the stars, toasting marshmallows on the campfire whilst sampling the local cider down in Cornwall.
    Biggest Muddy Achievement to DateA couple of years after one of my twin daughters was born with a cleft lip, I faced my fears and did a 10,000 feet tandem sky dive into a muddy field in Shrewsbury.
    Why did you do it?To raise money for CLAPA (cleft lip and palate association) and because it’s important to try to do things that scare you a bit to help you grow. It was amazing and I’d love to do it again, even just to improve my landing a bit!
    What do you love most about your job? The people are wonderful, everyone is so passionate about what we do. It’s a great team to be a part of and every day is different. I love resolving issues for people and I love the great feedback we get from our customers!
    Advice to Muddy adventurers?You can do amazing things! and with great outerwear you can do them in the rain too!
  • Louise
    LouiseOperations ManagerType of AdventurerMuddy Explorer
    Favourite Muddy DaysAutumnal walks with big crunchy leaves, whilst wrapped up all cosy and warm.
    What makes you happiest when you’re outdoorsEnjoying the space and freedom of the great outdoors – especially how happy it makes the dog to zoom about!
    What do you love most about your job?I’m proud to work for a brand with sustainability at its core who produce quality products with a conscience.
    Advice to Muddy adventurers?Embrace the unexpected, you’ll discover something different every time.

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