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At Muddy Puddles we’re all about making clothes to protect children on their outdoor adventures in all weathers while making sure we’re kind to our planet. Sustainability is one of the most important values in our business and in everything we do. We believe in designing brilliantly protective waterproofs and swimwear (good for you) made in a sustainable way (good for the planet). We all love a win-win!

We are aware that sadly, the clothing industry is the second most polluting industry in the world, and always look for ways to make our processes and products more planet-friendly.

Plastic is not fantastic

Did you know?

Each year enough plastic is thrown away to circle the earth four times. Muddy puddles sustainability - plastic graphic 1
Muddy puddles sustainability - plastic graphic 3 Only 1/3 of plastic packaging used in the UK is recycled.
Every day 8 million pieces of plastic pollution find their way into our beautiful oceans. Muddy puddles sustainability - plastic graphic 2


Recycled fabric

We’ve been using fabrics made from recycled plastic bottles for more than 4 years to make the outer fabrics of our EcoSplash collection. We are proud to say that 81% of our clothing collection is now made from recycled fabrics, not just the shell fabrics, but the linings and any padding too. By 2025 our goal is to use recycled materials for our accessories and footwear too.


Natural finishes

We are committed to ensuring all our outerwear uses protective, waterproof finishes that do not pollute the planet. This means different finishes for different fabrics to make sure they still perform to the highest level. The finish and the trims on our PuddleFlex and Rainy Day collections and Puffer Jackets meet the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 which means that that every component of each product meets the highest level eco standards which in simplest terms means no substances or processes are used that could pollute or harm in anyway. The waterproof coatings on our EcoSplash and Originals collections, ScampSuits, Blizzard and Parka Jackets are using Bionic Finish Eco natural, chemical free technology.


Eco-friendly packaging

As a part of our commitment to reduce plastic waste, we send every customer order out in a lovely recyclable paper bag. Our products are kept safe and clean in biodegradable polybags before they go off to meet their new little owners and get muddy. These bags can bio-degrade in 1-3 months when placed in your normal bin.


Made to last

Our products are made for adventure so they are super durable and resist the rough and tumble of active outdoor play. We encourage growing explorers to hand down their Muddy Puddles gear to smaller children, their younger siblings or friends. We’ve even put a message on the label in each garment to remind them: “Made to pass on to someone smaller than you”.


Reducing waste

We make sure we find a new home for the lovely rainwear and skiwear samples that are left behind from previous seasons. We donate them to children’s charities and other amazing partners who we know will put our products to good use.


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"Finally, a company that not only uses recycled material for their products but also uses paper for packaging and no plastic bags!!! Thank you Muddy Puddles!!"

Vanessa, Feefo

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muddy puddles sustainability - making fabric from plastic bottles


The plastic bottles are sorted at a recycling facility where they are sterilized, thoroughly cleaned, dried and their labels are removed. Then, the bottles are separated by colour and go into a grinder where they are ground into small chips. The chips are heated, dried and passed through hot pipes that melt them into a liquid. The filaments are then hardened and sent over air rollers. The machine spools the yarn and stretches it. This yarn is then dyed, made into bales and ready to be woven into polyester fabric we use to make the outer shells of our waterproofs.

Did you know?

10 plastic bottles = 1 lb (0.45 kg) of polyester fibre

Recycling plastic bottles takes 8 times less energy than producing new ones

One EcoSplash Jacket is made from approximately 45 plastic bottles

How many plastic bottles?

Muddy puddles sustainability - ecosplash jacket Muddy puddles sustainability - rainy day dungarees Muddy puddles sustainability - puddleflex all in one
Ecosplash Jacket - approximately 45 plastic bottles Rainy Day Dungarees - approximately 23 plastic bottles PuddleFlex Puddlesuit - approximately 64 plastic bottles
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