Children's Hat's Gloves & Scarves

Kids’ Hats

Kit your children out for the cold weather in our toasty, super soft and non-itchy kids' hats.

From kids’ knitted bobble hats to beanies and balaclavas, we have what you need to make sure your children stay warm and happy as they play outside on chilly days.

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Learn all about our kids' hats:

Toasty, non-itchy hats that will keep your children snug as a bug, even on chilly days

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Soft and comfortable:

Our hats are made of super soft, non-itchy fabrics, ideal for autumn and winter outdoor adventures. You can choose from our knitted bobble hats, beanies and protective balaclavas that all offer your children extra protection from the elements.

Designed to keep your children warm:

Bright colours and bold designs mean you'll easily spot your little explorers at the playground. Match your hat with our protective kids' waterproof jacket and children's' waterproof trousers to keep the chilly weather and rain at bay.

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