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About Muddy Puddles

Muddy Manifesto 

1.     We are committed to making durable, practical and protective clothing that ensures children can play and learn outdoors whatever the weather.

2.     We are intent on spreading the message that children need to spend 5-15 hours per week on outdoor activity to have healthy bodies and excellent concentration.

3.     We believe that children come alive outside, and are passionate about providing the inspiration for children to learn and play outdoors through brilliant outdoor learning resources.

4.     We want to celebrate success for schools and their pupils who participate in outdoor education with a series of incentives and awards.

5.     We aim to enable children to have bigger imaginations in the open air as we know it leads to them feeling happier, healthier and stronger.

Our Story 

Muddy Puddles is built on the proposition that there is no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong kit!

It all started with a farmer whose children loved getting muddy. One day she lay the smallest one down on the kitchen table, drew round him and made the first all-in-one waterproof suit.

We've been kitting out young adventurers in waterproofs, wellies and ski-wear for over 20 years, enabling them to stay warm, dry and happy whatever the weather.

Muddy Puddles has placed playing and learning outdoors at the forefront of childhood. We make durable, practical and protective outerwear, and firmly believe in the benefits of outdoor learning.  Playing outdoors leads to bigger imaginations, better concentration and healthier bodies.

We’re proud to supply waterproofs to over 1,000 schools and nurseries, and in 2016 we've launched the Muddy Academy, providing outdoor learning resources and worksheets for teachers.  We host free outdoor events for families, and support the charity Farms for City Children to ensure kids are warm and dry when they come to stay on the farms.

Our team 

Natasha and the Muddy Puddles team are passionate about being outdoors! We enjoy winter walks, exploring in the woods, playing sport, picnics on the beach, games in the park, and much more, with our friends and families.

We believe in encouraging children to spend more time outdoors, and can see the benefits first-hand in our own sons, daughters, nieces, nephews, grandchildren and godchildren!

Contact us

Any questions?  Our helpful and experienced Muddy Care Customer Services Team are happy to answer questions you might have from Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm.  Contact them on customerservices@muddypuddles.com or on 01299 407150.  

You can also order over the phone from Monday to Sunday, 9am-10pm on 01299 407150.