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We support Farms for City Children, providing full sets of waterproofs for children visiting the farms, so they can work hard and reap all the rewards from their week on the farm while staying warm and dry. We also support a local charity, urban wild places who work to get inner-city children outdoors. We are helping their cause by providing them with outdoor kit, raising funds with your help from sales of our puddle pac-a-macs, and running some outdoor workshops for them too.

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Muddy Puddles provides full sets of waterproofs to the 3 farms that Farms for City Children run, enabling the children that come to visit each week to stay warm and dry while they live and work on the farm.

It is a requirement that the children are totally protected on the working farms, and much of the time they would arrive with poor quality clothing that was not waterproof. As they soon got wet and cold, their time spent outdoors was limited and meant that they could not fully appreciate the activities they took part in.

As part of our commitment to outdoor learning and education, we are proud to support Farms for City Children in their goal to provide a “learning through doing' experience for children who come to stay on their farms.

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Urban Wild Places aims to encourage the use and improvement of urban parks, as well as to establish estate-based gardening projects and the use of pop-up parks in order to get more people outside, building communities around these spaces and learning about the great impacts the outdoors has.

Thanks to its Puddle Pac campaign, Muddy Puddles raised £1477 to further their work with North London children. The campaign was a stunning success. and this fantastic contribution will go a long way toward getting city children back outside and reconnecting with nature.

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