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Muddy Puddles boys base layers and fleece jackets are ideal for adventurers when the rain stops and exploring the outdoors continues. Our boys fleece jackets are soft, snug and warm when the cold weather is beginning to bite. Bright hooded fleece tops are perfect for active adventurers running in parks and climbing trees. Then prepare for the rain or cold with our boys waterproof coats and boys base layers. Take a look at our fleece jackets and base layers for boys buy on online today.

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  1. Kite Lightweight Zip Neck Fleece

    From 17,99€

  2. Kite Stripey Hooded Fleece

    From 17,30€

  3. Kite Zip Through Fleece

    From 20,07€

  4. Mitty James Towelling Hooded Top

    From 19,03€

  5. Cosy Cloud Fleece

    35,99€ 27,68€

  6. Drift Base Layer Top

    20,76€ 12,46€

  7. Drift Base Layer Bottom

    20,76€ 12,46€

  8. Skogstad Langedal Kid's Merino Wool...


  9. Skogstad Langedal Kid's Merino Wool...


  10. Skogstad Odin Boy's Microfleece set


  11. Kite Zip Through Fleece


  12. Ocky Olly Smocka


  13. Ocky Olly Smocka