10 Winter Outdoor Activities For Children

The cold weather needn’t stop you from enjoying fun family outdoor adventures. There are so many winter outdoor activities that you can enjoy when it’s cold outside. Plus, playing outdoors in winter really benefits children.

Read on for 10 super fun winter outdoor activities.

1) Go sledging

If we’re lucky enough to have some snow this winter, go sledging. Wrap up warm in gloves, hats and scarves, dress your little explorers in warm waterproof gear and snowboots, and go and enjoy some snowy fun.

winter outdoor activities

2) Go on a family walk

A family walk is always a good idea. If your family is a little more ambitious, go for a longer one (here are our favourite family-friendly walks in the UK). If you’re not lucky enough to live close to the woods, head to the nearest park or even go for a walk around your neighbourhood.

3) Hit the slopes

You don’t have to leave the UK to enjoy a ski adventure. There are lots of ski centres across the country, perfect both for beginners and for more experienced skiers.  However, if you have taken the brave decision to take your family skiing abroad this year, have a look at our top family ski destinations, read our tips for first time family skiing and our tips for packing for a family ski trip.

winter outdoor activities

4) Go ice skating

There’s nothing better than a family trip to the ice rink. Make sure you and your gang are kitted out correctly to shield against the cold and enjoy your family ice skating adventure.

5) Go on a scavenger hunt

Wrap up warm, organise a scavenger hunt with your little adventurers and celebrate winter. Simply draw up a list of things for the little ones to find and send them off to search or use our handy spotting sheet. There are lots of things to spot on a winter scavenger hunt: animal tracks, pine cones, evergreen trees and many more! Top tip: take a basket or a bag so your children can collect their items to take home and use in their craft projects.

6) Make a bird feeder

Making a bird feeder is such a quick and easy craft activity for the winter, plus it teaches little explorers to look after our feathered friends.

7) Build a snow lantern

Roll some snowballs (keep them uniform in size) and start by forming a ring. Add another layer of snowballs on top making the circle slightly smaller. Keep adding layers making the circle smaller at each level. Remember to leave a small gap in the construction to place a tea light when your lantern is ready. Be sure to leave a small opening at the top – it will serve as a chimney. To finish, place a tea light carefully through a gap, light it and enjoy your wonderful snow lantern.

8) Go on a winter picnic

Who said picnics were just reserved for the warmer months? If it’s not too cold outside, have a winter picnic with your family. Wrap up warm, pack up a flask of warming soup or hot chocolate and sandwiches or other delicious, homemade winter warmers and head outdoors for a little treat.

9) Make winter crafts

Make easy and fun winter crafts with your little ones. They don’t require any special tools or supplies and will be ready in no time.

10) Make snow pies

Borrow some pots and pans from your (mud)kitchen and use them to make snow pies. You can use cake moulds and even paint the snow with food colouring or paints to create colourful snow cakes.

winter outdoor activities