Win £100 of Muddy Puddles Kit! Simply Recommend Us to 3 or More Friends.

“Sharing is caring” This lovely, clever little saying and valuable life lesson is advice which has been passed down to young explorers for many generations. I’m sure there’s been a time or two where you’ve encouraged your little one share! (even if they really didn’t really want to)

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With this in mind, we are now giving our Muddy customers the chance to WIN £100 worth of Muddy Puddles kit! All you have to do is recommend us to 3 of more friends…

It couldn’t be easier…

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Better yet…

Your friends will get £10 off their first order AND for each friend you refer to us who makes a purchase; you’ll also get £10 off your next order.*

Make your friends day, share Muddy Puddles with your friends and family…Good luck.

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