Wild Art Fun with Sawday’s Canopy & Stars

Our friends at Sawday’s Canopy & Stars have provided us with some excellent crafty ideas for your young wild artists to enjoy! Read on to find out more…


Beautiful wild flowers, striking leaves, colours and textures aplenty and never-ending landscapes; the great outdoors can get you reaching for a sketchpad more so than anything else. Which is why here at Sawday’s Canopy & Stars we’ve been celebrating Wild Art.

Wild Art is anything from a watercolour painting of a picturesque canal side to getting elbow deep in mire making mud pies sculpting your own work of art. From autumn leaf pressing to beastie sketching and from berry mobile building to sun printing. There is no end to what you can do! Getting muddy in the countryside and creating a masterpiece at the same time is the perfect way to ignite your child’s creativity and instil in them a sense of appreciation and wonderment about the simple things outside.

We’ve put together a few ideas on how to unleash your inner Wild Artist:

Nature rubbings
Head outside armed with pencil and paper and look out for a tree trunk, a leaf or for anything that catches your eye. Place the paper over your chosen subject and lightly rub the pencil on the paper – you’ll start to create beautiful patterns before your very eyes.


Sun printing
Grab yourself some sun printing paper from your local craft shop and set off on an exploration hunting for flowers, grasses and leaves with interesting shapes and silhouettes. Follow the instructions and use rays of sunshine to create wild artwork.

Sun printing

Mud Pies
That’s right, mud pies can be art, if you decorate them in the right way! First of all, find yourself some real good squishy mud, perfect for shaping with tiny hands. Use your palms to flatten the mud into smooth shapes. Now its time to get artistic! Collect flowers, petals, leaves and twigs and embellish your mud pie until it’s the prettiest around.


The Year of Wild is all about getting you outdoors and appreciating the wonder of nature. Don’t forget to bag yourself an embroidered Boy Scout style badge.

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