What to do this weekend: Blackberry picking

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It must be one of the best ways to spend a sunny September afternoon, scouring hedgerows for succulent big blackberries. This year there has been a bumper crop following on from so much sun and then quite a lot of rain. I think one of the things that makes it so fun is that everyone of every age can do it, Wilkie was blissful rooting around for the low down berries but Rich and I were equally happy reaching up high for the most tempting top berries.

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There are of course some hazards:

–      thorns on blackberry bushes inevitably lead to some tears

–      nettles that often creep in between the brambles and deliver a nasty sting

–      cars whizzing past verges with lovely brambly hedgerows

Despite all this when you have filled up your pots and taken them home full of blackberries it feels like a real triumph and is really worth it.


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Now there are lots of lovely blackberry recipes that I am sure you can find in all sorts of cook books but I am afraid our family favourite way of eating them is a bit more basic than that. I could not recommend more highly mixing blackberries with a spoon of thick cream, a sprinkling of sugar and mushing it with a fork and gobbling it up. It is purple and soupy and messy and delicious.