Top 5 Kids Garden/Outdoor Games

Summer has crept upon us yet again, meaning good weather is on the way and the school holidays are soon to commence. Ensuring your child is not bored is a sure fire way to guarantee the six-weeks pass effortlessly by, and with the help of our handy list of family-friendly outdoor games, parents and children will be able to enjoy the sunshine together, hassle free!

Outdoor bowling

 This is effective and super easy. Outdoor bowling (also known as ‘skittles’) sets sell for roughly £10 from most retailers like Amazon or Toys r us that stock outdoor toys. The flexibility of this means it can incorporate as many players at a time that is needed, which means no waiting around and no impatient, grumpy children. Alternatively, a more artistic and even cheaper suggestion is to make your own bowling set. All that is required is some empty plastic bottles and some sand (or water) to weigh the bottles down. If your child has a creative streak then they can help to decorate the skittles with paint and glitter. If you are stuck for ideas or on a tight budget then this is a great way to go.

The water fight 

It is a well known parental fact that children get crabby when they are too hot. The classic water fight is a simple way to cool off and can include as much, or as little, toy gadgetry as you wish. At one side of the spectrum, garden hoses, sprinklers and empty bottles can be used to spray H2O ammunition. On the other hand, the heralded ‘Super Soaker’ line of water pistols are great fun. Throw some water bombs into the mix and you have guaranteed aquatic warfare on your hands!

Make a den

The imagination of a child is a magnificent thing. In seconds a few cardboard boxes can be transformed into a castle, or a couple of old bed sheets make for their own private tent. The den has always been a safe haven for children’s playtime throughout the years, and shows no signs of changing, due to the readiness of the materials most households have for den construction. However, playtime can be truly transformed with this Wild West wigwam from Room To Grow. Beautifully decorated and very spacious, the wigwam adds a new dimension to the role playing of cowboys and Indians.


 Perhaps the most energetic of the activities on this list. If you want to guarantee the kids are worn out before bedtime, then the trampoline is the way to go. Many days can be spent bouncing away, with a trampoline being a way to secure the envy of playmates. Alternatively, it can be used for less strenuous activities. Laying on the trampoline on a clear skied, starry night is a particularly rewarding experience.


My unofficial king of children’s outdoor games. It offers a convenient bat and ball, tennis style game for the space conscious. The intuitive design means no balls will go straying into the neighbour’s garden, meaning no lost or missing parts! This truly is an outdoor classic, which will bring out the competitive side of both young and old alike. For the relatively modest price it offers hours of play. Great value and great fun!