Top Tips for Geocaching and Treasure Hunts

What is Geocaching?

Geocaching is an adventure, a treasure hunt into the great outdoors, walking through the hills, town and cities into new locations you may have never been before. It’s the perfect, free opportunity to get outside with the family and discover new places and hidden objects, otherwise known as caches!


– There are many ways to go Geocaching; we found that was the best.

– Now you’re ready to discover some amazing locations. Choose a Geocache and use the map to navigate your way to the hidden gem…

– Depending on what you’re looking for varies, but they are all pretty exciting! Discover treasure near Cleopatra’s Needle or learn about fossils at the Helical Ridges, who knows how long you could be out exploring for – the longer the better!

– Caches come in many different sizes, shapes and sometimes the locations can be hidden away. Be prepared to get a bit muddy, make sure you have packed your waterproofs and wellies.


– You may even find a travel bug which is a trackable location which moves from place to place picking up stories along the way.

– Once you have found the cache, congratulate your young adventurer! Geocaching can be a tricky business – but that’s all part of the fun!

– Inside there may be a log book, sign it and let others know that you’ve completed the challenge too!

– There may even be some toys with or inside the cache, free feel to trade some and treat the next group of explorers.

– Once you’re done, put the cache back where you found it and log your find online and share your experience with us!

You may even want to go for another; Geocaches are all over the world. Are you up to challenge?