Our Top Tips for an Awesome Easter Egg Hunt

No Easter celebration is complete without an Easter Egg hunt! This activity can be enjoyed by children of any age and can be done in a variety of outdoor locations…. not to mention it’s also loads of fun! You may even want to join in yourself!


1) Choose your location wisely

If you are holding your hunt away from your garden, make sure the space is suitable for children. Does it have plenty of good hiding spots? Is it accessible for your friends and families? Is it safe for children to explore? It might be worth inspecting the area quickly before they set off.


2) Hiding your eggs

Keep the age of your hunters in mind. Younger children and toddlers may need the eggs to be hidden in places they can reach, whereas older explorers will love will love crawling, and I dare say climbing through nature to find some tasty chocolate treats.

3) More outdoor fun

To make the Easter hunt even more fun, challenge your adventurers to collect nature items using our Spring Colours Worksheet. It’s a brilliant way to connect children to nature and will distract them from the chocolate…for a while at least. Download it here.

4) Prepare

We’ve been having some lovely weather in the UK at the moment…but that doesn’t mean it won’t get wet too! Make sure you have packed your waterproofs and wellies in case of that sudden down pour! Don’t let rain stop play! (Psssst…check out our SS17 range for perfect, lightweight waterproofs)

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5) Prizes and eggs

You could either buy plastic eggs and fill them with tasty sweets for your explorers to enjoy, Bear Nibbles Paws would be perfect for this! Small toys could also be great for this. This is also a great chance to get crafty, decorate and paint your eggs for an extra special Easter touch. (We’re sure packaged chocolate eggs would also be a hit!)