Top 20 Best Hideouts – Ready, Set, Go!

Let your child’s imagination run wild with our top 20 best hideouts told by young mudders in our ‘How Wild Is Your Child Survey?’ Ready, set, go!

  1. Under the slide!
  2. Wendy house
  3. Yes but it’s a secret!
  4. In my nan’s greenhouse!
  5. No not yet, I’ve been trying to build one at mummy’s allotment but she keeps taking my wood!
  6. I make a new hideout or den wherever I play!
  7. A fort we have made under our trampoline
  8. Anywhere mummy can’t see me
  9. We have one at school, behind the bushes next to the forest school. It has a bramble bush trap so grown-ups can’t get in.
  10. Between the shed and the garden fence sssshhhhh!
  11. My pink house in the garden, it’s where my pet snails live
  12. Community allotment Growing Wild
  13. Up at Darland they have a secret bush you can enter using the code “bushy bushy”
  14. Anywhere out of sight!
  15. We have a teepee hideout in the garden, it’s full of wildlife and have our very own fairy garden it’s a place of sanctuary
  16. I have a ninja course with my friends which is a big hideout
  17. A teepee made of canes and sweet peas
  18. Secret den behind the hedge where Grace can’t get to (Grace is five)
  19. Behind our shed is a secret space that Mam can’t get in but we can
  20. Made between two trees in our garden, I’ve laid up branches and my Mums garden stuff for walls and used an old plastic green house wall as a roof. It’s hidden and surrounded by flowers. I Leave notes for fairies sometimes. I like making mud pies in it and watching the birds in the feeder and colleting stuff for their nests whilst I’m in it.