Top 10 Outdoor Games to Play With Children

Outdoor games are a great and inexpensive way of entertaining your children and their friends. They often require little to no preparation which means you can dive straight into a fun afternoon in the fresh outdoor air!

Here are our top 10 outdoor games to enjoy with your children:

Top 10 Outdoor Games to Play With Children

1) Tag

There are now several versions of this classic game. Try shadow tag, freeze tag, or the ultimate flashlight tag, played in the dark with a torch light: if you’re lit up you’re ‘it’!

2) Capture the Flag

Works best with large groups. Split the group into 2 teams and give each one a flag. The goal is to steal the other team’s flag without being tagged and sent to jail! Your team can break you out of jail by tagging you.

3) Red Light, Green Light

One child is the ‘traffic light’. They turn away and shout ‘green light!’ and the other’s run towards them. When they turn around they shout ‘red light!’ and anyone caught moving is sent back to the start. The next ‘traffic light’ is the one who can tag the current one.

4) Jump Rope Challenge

The added challenge is a cup of water. Everyone must hold a cup of water and jump the rope 3 times. The winner is the one with the most water left in their cup.

Top 10 Outdoor Games to Play With Children

6) Sticks & Stones

A sure way to quickly tire out the little ones! Split them into 2 teams, sticks and stones, and line them up facing each other. Mark a ‘safe’ zone for each team 30 feet behind them. Pick a team to be ‘it’ and shout out their team name. Tagged players must swap teams. The game only ends when all players are on the same team.

7) Turtle relay

Mark out a start and finish line just 5m from one another. In 2 teams, they must race across the finish line using only their head. You could use apples, tennis balls, eggs, water bombs; just about anything circular shaped!

Top 10 Outdoor Games to Play With Children

8) Giant Slip & Slide

All you need is some tarp and a hose to turn your garden into a giant slippery slide!

9) Blind Man’s Walk

Set up a simple obstacle course in your garden using any reasonably soft things you have available. Let the kids examine the course before blind folding them and sending them out one at a time. The fastest wins.

10) Water Relay Race

Divide the players into 2 teams. Place 2 full jugs of water at a start line, and 2 empty jugs at a finish line. Give each team an empty cup. Teams must race back and forth filling up their cup at the start and emptying it at the finish. The team to finish first and with the most amount of water in their finish line jug wins.

Top 10 Outdoor Games to Play With Children

Let us know how you get on! Have any more outdoor game ideas? Feel free to share them below!