10 Things To Do Outdoors On Father’s Day

Father’s Day is just around the corner! What better way to celebrate it than spending some time outside with your family?

Here are some fun outdoor activities to make this year’s Father’s Day even more exciting.

1) Go for a picnic

Look out for the perfect picnic spot and prepare a Father’s Day lunch to enjoy outside as a family. If the children are old enough, let them prepare a simple treat – healthy muffins or a fruit salad. Enjoy a yummy family meal outside and remember to bring waterproof jackets in case of a sudden downpour.

10 Things To Do Outdoors On Father’s Day

2) Build a den together

DIY is a fun way to bond with your father. Build a den together and make some happy memories. Gather lots of sticks and build the perfect hideout for the day.

3) Go camping in your garden

Treat your father to a camping trip! Set up a tent in the garden and sleep there the whole night if the weather permits. Furnish it, play games in the garden, make a bonfire, cook outdoors and stargaze, just like on a ‘real’ camping trip.

10 Things To Do Outdoors On Father’s Day

4) Climb a tree

Challenge your father’s fear of heights and climb a tree together. We’re sure it was his favourite activity when he was a child – why not give it another go after all these years?

5) Try pond dipping

Pond dipping is all about looking for pond mini beasts and identifying them – and it is so fun! Put on your waders, grab a net and see who spots more pond creatures.

pond dipping

6) Fly a kite

Perfect for days when there’s enough wind to get the kite up and airborne. Light to medium winds are best as they will help the kite to soar but won’t tear it to pieces. Try model aeroplane flying on stiller days – build your own model aeroplane with your father and put it to the test.

7) Go stargazing

Stay up late on the Father’s Day, team up with your father and see how many stars you can find and possibly name. If you’re not quite up to speed on the constellations yourself, you can download a map of all the stars to make your stargazing evening even more fun.

Star gazing

8) Visit a farm

Take a trip to a nearby farm for a fun day out. Become farmers for the day and learn about all the work it takes to keep the yard running and all the animals at the farm happy. End your visit with a family picnic. Have a look at our favourite farm parks in the UK.

9) Go to a museum

Visiting a museum with a lovely outdoor space can also be a nice way to celebrate Father’s Day. Pick a museum with a great outdoor space and combine learning new things as a family and an outdoor adventure.

 go on family walk

10) Go on a family walk

A family walk is always a good idea. If your family likes challenges, go for a longer one. If you’re not lucky enough to live close to the woods, head to the nearest park or even go for an urban stroll with your father. You will have a lot of time to chat and will surely make nice memories.