Layering – The Key to Keeping Warm This Winter

The cold is setting in. The Winter Solstice approaches. The days are getting shorter and the challenge of keeping little mites warm emerges again. Freezing cold children is the sure fire way to ruin a day out. The key to keeping warm is layers!

layering - thermals

Make sure you pop on thermal base layers first. The brilliant thing about children’s thermal tops and bottoms are that they keep in the heat and wick away any moisture. Designed to keep warmth radiating from the body circulating round the body. However if children start racing round the base layer absorbs the moisture away from the body so it does not stick to the skin. Our cloud print base layers are flying off the shelves.

layering - jumper

On top of these then a t-shirt and cosy wool jumper add to the warmth. We love the jumpers from Tootsa who we have designed our collaboration ski jacket with. Our ski jackets are the ideal outer layer for keeping children warm. With 280gm of padding, fleece lining and a protective waterproof outer shell, little explorers are protected from the chill whatever the weather. The hood is also padded to protect cute little heads and ears from the cold. Combine pulling up the hood with a snug bobble hat to stop heat escaping from the head.

layering - tootsa jacket

If it is at all wet or muddy outside waterproof trousers protect children from getting cold legs from the inevitable splashes. Our fleece lined waterproof trousers can be worn indoors and out which are amazing on cold days. Whereas obviously if there is glorious snow outdoors kids salopettes are the answer with padding and robust, waterproof fabric they enable play outdoors all day.

layering - waterproof salopettes

Then it is important to think about the other ways warmth sneaks out. Add one of our children’s cosy neck warmers to stop biting wind coming in by the neck. We have new ones that include fleece and stretch fabric that pulls up on the head as well. It is crucial to have warm ski gloves or mittens tucked in pockets ready to pull on and loop your child’s thumbs through the thumb loop holes of our ski jackets again to block out the cold.

Cold toes are often the culprit! We remember how much freezing little toes hurt on icy days. The first step is super warm socks! Our merino mix children’s ski socks, like our thermals, have the ideal properties to keep in warmth and wick away moisture. Then if it is a wet muddy walk add our insulated kids wellies which have insulated linings and a drawstring waterproof upper that keeps in the heat and blocks out the splashes.  Or If the snow arrives then our new kids snowboots with Sherpa top, vulcanized waterproof foot and removable insulated slipper are completely ideal.

layering - snowboots

All the weather forecasts are warning that a truly freezing winter is setting in so get prepared and if there are any items missing from your children’s winter kit then top up now so outdoor adventures can continue whatever the weather.