Superb Stuffed Peppers from Cooking Them Healthy

Our top child-friendly chef,  Cooking Them Healthy has provided us with the perfect Bank Holiday weekend side or snack! Read on to find out how to cook these superb stuffed peppers. They could also be an ideal back to school addition…

These yummy roasted red peppers make a brilliant, quick children’s supper (or adult side dish) served with some rice, whole wheat/brown rice pasta or a baked potato. They are deliciously sweet and as a result are often a big hit with little ones. They also work cold for picnics and lunch boxes.


Peppers are bursting with vitamin C which is a key nutrient for our immune system. They also contain valuable antioxidants such as lutein for healthy eyes, and beta carotene which is converted to vitamin A in the body for immune and skin health. Goats cheese is also often better tolerated than cow’s milk.

Cook time:  Total time:  Serves: 4
  • 2 red peppers
  • 100g goats cheese
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 15-20g pine nuts
  • A few sprigs basi


  1. Preheat the oven to 200C.
  2. Simply cut your red peppers in half and place onto a roasting tray.
  3. Divide up your goats cheese evenly into your red peppers and scatter on top your pine nuts.
  4. Place in the oven for 20-30 minutes, depending on their size.
  5. You want them to be completely softened and taking on a bit of colour around the edges. Take out of the oven.
  6. In a little bowl mix together your olive oil and chopped basil and drizzle over the top of your peppers before serving. Serve warm.