Summer Activity Sheets To Download

As the glorious weather looks like it is here to stay we have come up with a few outdoor activities to fill the long summer days.

Head to the park, the beach or even better the wilderness and take one of these handing spotting sheets with you. These activities are designed to get everyone looking and listening to the natural habitats that are all around…

1) Things to spot by the seaside

Download the activity sheet here

Going to the beach with your gang? Here are some cool things to spot!

2) Sounds of summer

Download the activity sheet here

Be all ears when heading outside! What is this mysterious sound? Help your little ones to identify a bird call or an unknown nature sound and tick them off the list.

3) Summer scavenger hunt

Download the activity sheet here

What’s better than a family scavenger hunt on a summer day? There are so many lovely things to be found in nature – collect them all.

What are your favourite things to do when enjoying the great outdoors? Leave us a comment below.