Spotted On Independent’s 13 Best Baby Snowsuits

We’re so proud and excited that The Independent has featured our 3-in-1 Scampsuit in their “13 Best Baby Snowsuits” round-up! We absolutely love the caption:

“Easy. The Muddy Puddles 3-in-1 Scampsuit is in a league of its own. It’s stylish yet practical and ticks every snowsuit box we could think of, as well as ones we hadn’t – the whole made-from-recycled-bottles thing is a fun fact that helps entice a reluctant toddler into wearing it.

We love that it’s essentially two separate suits that can be worn three different ways, and we think it’s brilliant value for money when you factor that in.

Some snowsuits are only really wearable on super chilly days but we’ve been wearing this one way or another every day since it arrived. We love it!”