A Snow Day Adventure with Lee Lee Loves

Awesome lifestyle blogger, Lee Lee Loves , recently took our superb Scamp Suit outside for a snowy adventure. Did our Scamp survive? Read on to find out…


“It often feels like winter is going to last forever. I love winter, what I don’t like about it is feeling the need to keep my toddler indoors when it’s too cold or wet. He needs to be outside, running, jumping, finding adventure.


Like most toddlers he’s prone to catching every bug that he comes into contact with. Keeping a toddler warm and dry during winter is difficult. Especially if like mine, they won’t keep their hat or mittens on.


To help us get out more this winter we’ve been testing the Muddy Puddles Scamp suit which currently retails at £59. I may not be able to keep a pair of mittens on my boy but can ensure he is still warm and dry. Which is a great compromise for me and allows us to go outside more often.


It must have been fate as the day after our scamp suit arrived, it snowed. Nursery was closed leaving us to have a Mummy and Taylor day outside. The last time it snowed Taylor had the Muddy Puddles Snow Flurry Suit and he did’t seem impressed by the snow. This time it was a different story. He was running and jumping in it all while laughing.


The Scamp suit is a 3-in-1 system, a fully waterproof outer that can be worn with the snug fleece layer or on its own. Both layers can be used independently or together. We’ve been using ours with both layers as it’s been bitterly cold. It has an adorable pointy hood and the most beautiful raindrop print.

If you want to get outdoors with your little one they have something to suit everyone.”