Q and A with Anshu Goel and Julia Brucher, founders of KIDsorted

Muddy Puddles have teamed up with the ingenuis App ‘KIDsorted’ to offer you the chance to win our PuddleStomper wellies. KIDsorted provides thousands of ideas for fun kids activities in London, allowing users to browse by age, location, schedule or interest. KIDsorted helps you find and book classes, holiday and after-school clubs as well as venues and activities for kids parties, so you’ll never be stuck for an acitvity again! Here we speak to co-creators Anshu and Julia to find out how the idea came about & what KIDsorted has in store in the coming year…


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1. How did the idea of KIDsorted come about?

We first met while working at eBay and were both fully focused on our corporate careers. But times have changed, and we now have kids…and discussion topics have moved from the hottest weekend trip destinations to the best kids party venues or where to find a music class that is walking distance and fits into the 3:30pm after-school slot. We realised that finding and booking kids activities was time-consuming and cumbersome, so we set ourselves the goal to create a one-stop online destination, allowing busy parents to browse a great range of activities, services and events based on what is important (age range, schedule, location, type of activity), to simply compare details and schedule, and to book online straight away.

2.What inspired you to go through with the initial inspiration and create the platform?

Our mission is to make discovery of the best classes and activities in a specific area extremely easy and quick to book on the go. We design everything for mobile, so that busy parents can always find what they need using their phone, while out at the playground or on the commute home from work. We are very passionate about KIDsorted and beingmums ourselves are always the first to test the site. We’ve realised that last-minute ideas are key, so on top of our regular search we’ve launched the KIDsorted Activity Calendar – where you can find great activities for today, tomorrow and the weekend! You just enter your postcode and voila – we show you all the activities local to you by weekday. But bear with us, for now we are only covering West London. More neighbourhoods are added on an ongoing basis though, so stay tuned!

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3. What have been the biggest highs and lows so far? 

The biggest highs must have been around seeing our first bookings come through and knowing that people experience the same challenges around kids activities that we do and are keen to use the site! We have also had some great feedback from our activity partners – some of whom have been able to generate new business for themselves as soon as 3 days after signing up with KIDsorted.

Biggest lows? We are constantly working to create the best experience while catering for a huge range of different businesses, but no matter how many different scenarios you work to solve for…somehow there’s always that one party/craft/whatever business that needs something very specific that you didn’t design for. But at least it is a good problem to have as it means there are many different businesses who want to use our site.


4. As a mum entrepreneur, what advice do you have for women starting their own businesses? 

Working on your own business is actually very similar to having a baby: It takes time, hard work, patience, dedication, love…though happily no diapers! The most important thing is really believing in what you are doing, because you’ll definitely need to work very hard at it, especially in the early days. If you can maintain your passion, you have a much higher chance of success. Having a co-founder to support you is also great – you can bounce ideas of each other, keep each other focused, and support each other when needed.

5. What kids activities do your own children do? 

Anshu: My daughter Aanya loves her ballet class at Francis Lundy, and we regularly attend classes the Little Gym for gymnastics.

Julia: My twins absolutely adore Monkey Music (we go every week!), and we also go to up a German playgroup (I’m German and encouraging them to be bilingual). Funnily enough, we met the owner of the playgroup via KIDsorted and set everything up using our platform – we essentially function as her website.

6. What are your favourite outdoor activities?

We regularly have “walking meetings,” where we head out of the office to get some fresh air and talk through some of the week’s activities.  Our kids love the London parks, of course, and Anshu takes Aanya out to practice cycling as she has just learned to ride a two-wheeler.

Outdoor activities are also very popular on our site. There are also some fantastic outdoor education groups around which offer classes that teach children about nature and the importance of getting outside. Partners like First Hand Experiences, The Exploration Society, and Wild Education have wonderful classes.

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7. What are your most searched activities? 

Holiday clubs and workshops for school-going children are particularly popular. Everyone is looking for something to do when school breaks up! One-off activities (especially for the weekend) for the younger ones is also in high demand, and we see many searches in our Baby & Toddler category as well as Swimming, Ball Sports and Music.

8. What are your goals for KIDsorted for the coming year?

We are currently focused on expanding the business across London (from West London, where we launched) and eventually into other cities in the UK and abroad. We’re in discussions now with investors to help us bring the business to the next level. Running a start up while raising a young family is tough, but it is also a lot of fun. A lot of the start up scene in London is still a “boys club”. We are determined to change this, and in fact our entire team consists of women including the developers.

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