5 reasons the Puddleflex range is perfect for school and nursery

Autumn is almost here and back to school is upon us, so we thought about all the mums and dads looking for the ultimate rainy-day kit for their children.

We know that finding THE perfect school jacket and waterproof outerwear can be tricky. A fit for purpose, but also nice-looking coat or bib and brace seem as hard to find as Narnia!

Don’t worry – we’re here to help you with the back to school preparation! Have a look at our Puddleflex range, designed with all the young, active explorers in mind. Our Muddy Mums here at Muddy HQ all swear by these protective, breathable and fun jackets, trousers and splashsuits. They are our all-time school favourites, perfect for the school run and playing outside.

Here are 5 reasons why we’re super excited about our Puddleflex range and why it’s perfect for your outdoorsy pups preparing to leap into the new school term.

5 reasons the Puddleflex range is perfect for school and nursery

1) It’s fully waterproof

Our Puddleflex range is 100% waterproof with fully taped seams. It’s super protective and withstands even the plenty of fun and messy outdoor play in the pouring rain! Plus, our Puddleflex jackets are long enough to let your children sit on wet benches without getting soaked. Dry explorers are happy explorers!

2) It’s multi-season

The Puddleflex range is truly multi-season. Perfect both for the first chilly days of autumn and winter, it’s also brilliant for the beginning of spring when mornings and afternoons are still a little crisp or even for the famously unpredictable British summer.

5 reasons the Puddleflex range is perfect for school and nursery

3) It’s warm and cosy

Our Puddleflex jackets, splashsuits and bib and brace are fleece-lined and super warm. They are perfectly suitable for the chilly winter months without having to add too many layers. We’ve added a ribbed storm cuff to the Puddleflex jacket’s sleeves to keep the cold wind from getting in. Your bold explorers will be warm and safe come pouring rain or winter chill!

4) It’s durable

Made from high quality waterproof fabric, our Puddleflex range is durable and made to last. It will carry your children from school to play and keep them warm whatever the weather. Our outerwear can be handed down to the younger siblings or friends. Our rain-wear is made to last, this is why we offer a one-year guarantee on every piece we sell. It’s also machine washable – so handy for the brave explorers who love jumping in mud!

5 reasons the Puddleflex range is perfect for school and nursery

5) It looks great on them

We cannot help but love how wonderful young outdoorsy adventurers look wearing our Puddleflex jackets, splashsuits, waterproof trousers and bib and brace! They add a pop of colour to your children’s autumn-winter wardrobe, brightening up those rainy days.

Let us know what your back to school essentials are and what do you always pop into your children’s school bags!