How to prepare for your first family festival

Summer is on its way and the school holidays are fast approaching, which means you’re probably starting to think of ways to keep your little rascals entertained.

Family festivals are perfect for this, because they involve so many different activities, events, and attractions that both you and your kids will love.

However, attending a family festival can take a lot of preparation: you need to think about which festival is going to be the best for your family, how you’re going to get there, and where you’re going to stay if you plan to make a weekend of it. Here, we’re going to outline how you should prepare for your first family festival, so you can ensure you have the best possible time away with your little ones. Read on to find out more.

Choose the family festival that suits you best

This summer, a whole host of family festivals will be held across the UK, and they’ll have their own themes and focuses. So, if you want to ensure you have the best time, it’s not enough to just choose the festival that’s happening closest to you — instead, be open to travelling further afield to a festival that will suit your family’s interests.

For example, Geronimo Festival, which takes place in Cheshire and Hertfordshire, has been dubbed “Glastonbury for kids”. There is a main stage where children’s TV entertainers will put on shows, as well as eco-friendly activities that will allow your family to get to grips with nature.

Wychwood Festival, which will be hosted in Cheltenham, has a more relaxed feel and is the perfect choice if you enjoy live music. You’ll see kids running around chasing bubbles, learning circus tricks, and dancing to the bands that are set to play. It would make a great choice if you really want to let loose with your children for the weekend.

Valley Fest is the UK’s only organic festival, and will take place on a working organic farm in Somerset. Your kids will be encouraged to run wild, which means they’ll find that it’s a lot of fun. But, they’ll also be able to learn about looking after the land and where food comes from, so it’s educational too.

There are so many family festivals to choose from, and Mini Travellers has a comprehensive list of the best that is well worth checking out.

Work out how you’re going to get there well in advance

If you’ve ever tried to make a long-distance car journey with your little ones in tow, you’ll know that it’s never easy. There are so many extra things you need to consider, like where you’ll stop for toilet breaks and how you’re going to get everything in the car when the back seat isn’t free.

Once you’ve chosen your destination, look at how you can ensure your journey is as short as possible, and then map out any stops you plan to make along the way. It’s also a good idea to make a note of all the places you’ll be able to stop if nature suddenly calls. That way, you won’t be caught in a panic if your little one decides they really have to go.

Packing your car won’t be easy, either. Before your kids came along, you could pack everything into the boot, and then the overspill could be moved to the back seat. But, you won’t have this luxury anymore. And, the irony is that you’ll have more stuff to take with you than ever before.

Fortunately, there are some solutions. For example, if you’re planning to make family trips away a regular thing, investing in a trailer that attaches to the back of your car could be a great idea. ERDE Classic trailers are perfect for this — they’re available in a wide range of sizes, and there are a whole host of accessories you can use to tailor your setup to you.

How to prepare for your first family festival

Decide where you’re going to stay

A lot of family weekends span a whole weekend so, if you want to enjoy everything there is to offer, it’s worth committing to an overnight stay. But, there will be a number of accommodation options for you to consider.

Because family festivals are so popular, local hotels do tend to fill up, which means the price per room can go through the roof. Of course, if you enjoy your home comforts and your budget isn’t particularly tight, staying in a hotel or B&B is likely to suit you well. But, there’s something about staying in a tent that will give your weekend that authentic festival feel.

If your little ones have never slept under the stars before, you should help to prepare them for what it’s going to be like. Consider setting up a tent in your garden — you can then play games in the tent, and maybe even have a sleepover so they won’t be too worried when you pitch up at the festival. This will help to ensure your experience is purely a positive one, and that everything will run as smoothly as possible.

If you’re looking for things to do with your kids this summer, attending a family festival is a great idea. There’ll be so many activities for you all to enjoy, it’ll give your little ones the chance to run wild in a safe setting, and it’ll be a fantastic experience for everyone. And, don’t forget to kit everyone out with a pair of our kids’ wellies to keep their feet warm and dry.