Top Tips + Recipes for a Fabulous Family Picnic

We love summertime family picnics. One can never go wrong with combining two of our favourite things: food and outdoor time! Plus, it is a lovely way of enjoying the glorious weather while it lasts. We’re so lucky that the lockdown measures now allow us to enjoy open-air eating.

To make your planning easier, we’ve put together a delicious menu of our top 10 things we would pack for the perfect family picnic (+ a few lifesavers to pop in your picnic bag.)

Read on for our favourite picnic food ideas

1) Sandwich shapes

You can never go wrong with sandwiches; they are super easy and you can fill them with whatever you have handy. Cut the bread into squares, triangles, or use cookie cutters to create fun shapes.


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2) Watermelon Lollies

Cut your watermelon into triangles. Cut a small slit into the skin of each slice, place an ice lolly stick inside and there you have a refreshing and delicious watermelon lolly.

3) Corn on the cob

A classic! Corn on the cob is the ultimate summer food. Grilled and buttered, they are equally yummy hot or cold.

4) Jazz up their veggies

Making veggies into fun shapes is a brilliant way to encourage children to eat their 5 a day. Why not try making these cute tomato and cucumber insects.


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5) Chicken drumsticks

Quick to prepare and tasty, these are an all-around favourite with children and adults alike. Plus, you don’t need any utensils to eat them (but you will need plenty of wet wipes and napkins for afterwards!). Try adding plenty of flavour with spices & sauces they love. This child-friendly BBQ chicken drumsticks recipe is a great one to try.

6) Summer salad

Make a salad your children can’t resist by packing a simple green leaf salad with seeds, fruits and nuts. Some great combos include figs, pear and walnut, orange, dried cranberries and pecans, avocado and grapefruit, strawberries, spinach and sunflower seeds, raisins and pine nuts.

7) Fruit

Let’s not forget the humble apple (or bananas, peaches, cherries, strawberries, etc.). Sometimes the simplest things can make us and our children the happiest.

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8) Pasta salad

Super easy to prepare in advance and pack, a pasta salad is a great way to include plenty of veggies and protein in your picnic menu. Try pasta shapes that get children excited (farfalle is a big hit in our house) and add a simple child-friendly dressing using some olive oil, honey and French mustard.

9) Traybake

There’s no picnic without cake. A traybake is a handy option for time-poor parents yet serves enough portions for the hungriest of children. Try traybake brownies, flapjacks, rocky road, carrot cake, lemon sponge… the list is endless.

10) Home-made fruit drink

A family picnic isn’t a picnic without a fruity drink to accompany your food. You can’t go wrong with the classic lemonade or fruit cordial or try making ice tea with a caffeine-free base such as rooibos or any fruit tea and infusing it with some fruit, mint or herbs.


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Eco-friendly tip

How you pack and serve your picnic can have a big impact on the environment. Try to avoid single-use paper and plastic plates, cups and cutlery. Use your hands when you can and reuse your reusables.

Use a food storage box for rubbish instead of a plastic bag if you can.

Kit list:


That’s it! Our top tips for having a fabulous family picnic this summer.