A Non-Snow Day

Our Muddy Mum Kerry from Lived with Love has created this fantastic piece about getting out and enjoying a non snow day!

We must be the only people that didn’t have snow lately and it makes me a little bit sad! Sienna can’t remember snow as the last time we had any she was only about 6-8 weeks old! I hope we get some soon so we can go out and build a snowman!

Even though we didn’t have snowy walks, Sienna did find some ice which she was happy about. She loved looking at it and feeling it melt in her hands, she thought it was ‘magic’! She then realised it was breakable so she was smashing it and stamping on it in her favourite pair of kids wellies, she had so much fun haha! I was careful of the sharp edges don’t worry!


We also took her new scooter out for a spin and she was so good at it! I was impressed although I wasn’t too impressed with carrying it when she had enough! haha! We warmed up with a nice hot chocolate when we got back although Sienna didn’t get too cold! Her fur lined wellies definitely keep her warm!


Kerry x