Muddy Challenge #1 – ultimate mud pie tips

Join the first ever Muddy Challenge and share your ultimate mud pie tips with us!


What is a Muddy Explorer’s favourite snack? A mud pie!

Making a mud pie is a fun sensory activity for children (and parents!) requiring nothing more than some water and a stick, but we can easily make it more exciting by adding some nature art supplies and accessories.

We’re sure our lovely Readers have their own brilliant recipes for a delicious and messy mud pie!

We would love you to share your ultimate mud pie tips with us! Do you use any special ingredients or supplies? Do you have a special, secret technique nobody knows about? We’d love to hear about it! Don’t hesitate to send pictures.

The Muddy Team loves using flowers (such as daisies), shelves, grass, sticks, leaves and even small gems if we have some. Sometimes we use pie pans in different sizes and shapes. Making a mud pie is all about getting messy and having fun and there is no one, but thousand ways to play with mud.

The best entry will win a Puddlepac Jacket!

Share your tips in the comments below, under our Muddy Challenge post on Facebook/Twitter or send us an email: 💙

We will post the best tips on our social channels in August.

The Muddy Challenge #1 ends on July 31st.