Magic Stick Craft Activity at Bicester Village

We’re really excited about our forthcoming pop up at Bicester village from Saturday 20th January…

Come and join us on 20th January with your little ones as we’ll be running a cheerful and very satisfying craft activity on the day. We’ll be transforming humble woodland sticks into magical objects!

There is something very hypnotic about slowly wrapping a stick in bright and colourful wool. Children and grown ups alike seem to enjoy this tactile activity. Once the stick is completely covered, the final flourish is to add a colourful feather or two on the end and… abracadabra! You’ll have a magic stick. It can now cast spells, make great shadows, transform you into a jedi or a fairy, a witch or a wizard! The ultimate accessory for adorable muddy adventurers. What’s not to love?

Want to try this at home? Our top tip is to find some rainbow wool for extra special effects! You can also use ribbon, felt or other bright materials and if you don’t fancy a feather, how about making a pompom for the end instead?