How we made outerwear with recycled plastic bottles

It is hard to believe that are high performance, vibrant, unisex collection is made from recycled plastic bottles. Read on to learn a little more about how we turn landfill into technical outerwear for bright young adventurers.

So from 80 bottles that would go to landfill we can create one beautiful raincoat

This is how it works:

It starts with the premise that plastic bottles and polyester thread are made from the same substance polyethylene terephthalate (a bit of mouthful so we call it PET).

-Plastic bottles are gathered up at the recycling centre then shredded to remove any moisture and compress the plastic to bundle up and send to a fabric mill.

-The plastic flecks arrive at the fabric mill and are sorted by colour. For the purpose of clothing we only use the clear plastic bottles to create crisp white thread which can be dyed to the bright colour of our choice.

-The plastic flecks are cleaned and separated out. The clear, clean flecks are sent through hot pipes to melt down and create thread. To make thread the molten plastic flows through tiny holes to make filaments that are 5 times finer than human hair.

-The thread is then torn up in to fluff and strengthened to create polyester thread which is strong enough for the wear and tear of children.

-The thread is then woven into cutting edge fabric that is used to make our EcoSplash collection.

Now when we first learnt about this process we started to worry about the other impacts of energy and water used to create recycled fabric. Then we learnt that compared to normal fabric mill processes recycling PET saves:

-20% of waste water

-50% of energy

-60% of air pollution

Which is why we are delighted to launch this autumn with four outstanding jackets, two EcoSplashsuits and one versatile EcoSplash trouser.