Lockdown Learning Resources for Parents

Everything Amazing to Do, Listen and Learn while in Lockdown

Last updated 12/05/2020

Like so many others, my children are ‘back to school’ on Monday and my heart has filled with dread at the prospect of the full homeschooling challenge for my 12, 10 and 7-year-old. I had always had this vision that if I worked less hard I would become this domestic goddess and benevolent mother which when the past few weeks could not have proved to be more false. I long for interrupted time at my computer. I am sorry to say that my focus for work far outshines my ability to concentrate for protracted periods of time on my children’s want and needs.

Simultaneously I have felt slightly overwhelmed by the number of links and resources and possibilities that I have been sent by Whatsapp which I have felt we are missing out on. So, as a complete control freak and in a vain attempt to get a handle on this I have been hiding behind a spreadsheet which pulls mountains of online resources together and organises and explains them. I have decided to share it here in case it is handy for anyone else.

I have split it into four sections: education, culture, keeping active and a livestream timetable.

In the education section, you can filter by subject, age and how long the activities on any site link take. What I hope that means is that when a maths lesson, for example, does not deliver I can hopefully divert my children to another online resource that keeps them busy without having to scour the internet.

For culture. keeping active and the livestream timetable then really it is an aggregation of everything I have been sent and what it’s about.

Please do use and share and of course let me know what else you have found that I can add into the mix. I am aiming to complete an update every week so do come back and check it again.

Stay safe and, as far as possible, I hope this helps you stay sane.




Browse through a database of handy educational sites for when the lessons from school aren’t quite delivering and filter by age, subject and time tasks take (you can also download this as a csv which makes it much easier to use).


There are SO many incredible ways of accessing culture online which are good for children or adults and a brilliant way to use up lots of time. Here are some of the highlights we have discovered so far and will keep updating (once again, do download it as it is then easier to explore).

We have made a few updates to our culture guide for lockdown this week. If you still want to explore VE Day and history we have some super recommendations. We have also discovered the wonderful new Wonder Podcast with a brilliant episode on an incredible event being released each week combined with a recap quiz. Have a listen and escape into a different world!


We are discovering more platforms all the time but would also love recommendations if you have them – we have added a few this week including ballet classes from the Royal Academy of Dance for adults and children which is pretty amazing.


This is a superb timetable containing some brilliant livestreams you can tune into from various subjects and themes such as fitness, art, music, science and nature.

This is getting busier and busier and I am happy to say more incredible theatres and performers are now keeping productions live for long amounts of time so you don’t miss them if you miss the livestream. This link is a great directory too.

You can also download the timetable in a handy PDF format, just click the link below.