Learn how to Read Minds with Magic Fest

Magic Fest is on our cards as one of the top festivals with a difference on this summer! To mark Muddy Puddles Circus Month they have let us in on a secret and amazing tricks… are you ready to Learn how to Read Minds with Magic Fest?! Read on, we know you want to…

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  • Get the Cards out!
    Remove cards from the box and give them a sneaky wee shuffle to see if you can still do it. Pick up the cards you have dropped on the floor afterwards and put them back in the deck.
  • The Sneaky Setup.
    Now that you’ve satisfied your urge to mix them up vegas-style, remove 9 random cards from the deck. Take a look over both shoulders to ensure no one is looking and place 4 into your back pocket. Leave the other 5 ready, in your hand, on the coffee table, or wherever. Now lie in wait for your victim… ahem, participant (wife/partner/child/flat mate).
  • Turn on the style.
    Your participant sees you holding some cards in your hand. You look simultaneously suspicious and excited, like a fox that’s just learned how to use a bow and arrow. She/he apprehensively asks you “What are you doing with those cards?”. Pause for a moment, then look up with a knowing smile and say “Wanna see some magic?”. The participant will say ‘Yes’. They always do.
  • Show your Cards.
    Fan all five cards infront of you to your participant and ask them to remember one. This is the card that you are going to predict. Place all five cards behind your back and explain to the participant that you can divine their card simply by touch. Explain that you will remove one card from the five and place that one in your pocket leaving four, and that the one you remove will be the participant’s card. Whilst giving them the chat, swap the five in your hand for the four in your pocket. Try not to raise your eyebrows when you do this, it’s a dead giveaway.
  • Take the applause.
    Bring the four previously pocketed cards back round infront of you and display them to the participant asking them to ensure that their card isn’t there. They will confirm that it isn’t and will be amazed! Take a bow and leave the room quickly before they start asking questions.

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Contibuted by Kevin McMahon, Edinburgh International Magic Festival Director

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