How To Keep Children Warm When It’s Cold Outside

Chilly days and frosty mornings are here again, but cold weather is not a reason to stay indoors. With the right clothing, children won’t feel the cold and will be happy to play outdoors for hours.

How to keep children warm in the cold weather? Read on to learn more about the perfect playground appropriate outfit when it’s chilly outside.

children wearing muddy puddles waterproofs in woodland

1) Thermals and base layers

Layering is the key to keeping warm. Before choosing your outer layers, start with toasty and protective thermal base layers. They come in a variety of bold colours and prints and children will love mixing and matching them. Thermal tops and bottoms keep in the heat for long hours, wick the moisture away from the skin (which is really important as wet, sweaty clothes make the body lose heat very quickly) and make your little adventurers feel snuggly and comfortable.

children wearing thermal base layers

2) Warm jackets and coats

The perfect winter jacket should be waterproof, breathable, windproof and ultimately protecting your children from the cold so they can fully enjoy their favourite outdoor activities like building a snowman, stomping in the snow, snowball fighting or sledging.

3) Hats and gloves

Hands get cold very quickly and are particularly sensitive. Protect your children’s delicate hands with appropriate gloves or mittens, especially if they are going to play in the snow. A warm hat is also a must given that most heat is lost through our head and perfect for those extra chilly days with lots of activities planned!

girl wearing ski jacket and bobble hat in woodland

4) Waterproof trousers

There is nothing better to keep your little explorers cosy than a pair of comfortable and waterproof trousers and salopettes with reinforced material on the bottoms, knees and ankles. They are perfect for a winter walk or playing in the snow, but they can also be pulled over shorts on the sports field.

5) Weatherproof shoes and socks

For wet and muddy walks, our insulated kids wellies are the answer. Plus they’ll need a good pair of warm socks to keep little feet warm and dry. Our comfortable and waterproof snow boots have a handy, removable thermal lining inside to make sure your little ones are protected from low temperatures and wet weather. Their grippy soles give good traction on slippery, icy and wet surfaces.

children's welly socks