In the Great Outdoors…your explorer’s stories revealed!


In our recent ‘How Wild is your Child?’ survey, we asked if your adventurers wanted to tell us a story that starts in ‘the great outdoors’…and they certainly did!

We had over 300 brilliantly funny and heart-warming stories which provide a fascinating insight into children’s imaginations and what they think of the great outdoors!  It’s fantastic to see such creativity and obvious enjoyment of being outdoors.

Thank you so much to everyone who took part.  We’ll be publishing the results of the survey soon!

Read on to discover their stories for yourself…and if your explorer has their own story to tell please comment here or email and we’ll include it!



Legends have it that a long time ago they didn’t used to have bricks, so they had to use hay to make a house. Then Rose came along to a straw house and knocked on the wood door. Then the people that were inside it their names was Rose, Helen, Mike and Ted. the doggies were called Amy, Gracie, Ava and Maya. The doggies like to go outside and splash in puddles and get all muddy and dig holes to bury treasure. (Rose aged 4)
A bit fell in the duck ponds this week and I rescued him. I ended up swimming in the most disgusting water ever.  and a swan came and tried to attack me. so much for the great outdoors
Alana was excited in the great outdoors because that meant she was on an adventure. Her canoe wobbled a lot but she kept on rowing because she could see land. When she stepped onto the island, her toes tickled and she looked down to see the sand was made of hot sherbet! This must be Candy Island! Alana knew there was a treasure chest full of chocolate gold coins buried somewhere on the island. She walked and walked for a million miles and then found a tree made of jelly. She checked her map and saw X marked the spot! This must be where the treasure is, said Alana. So she dug it up, using a sharp stone for a spade. Hurrah! She found it! Alana rowed home and shared her chocolate treasure with all her friends. The end.
Being outside is fun but even better when it raining as then I can jump in puddles and look for lots of bugs
Best day out was at the park and my dog tried to chase the dogs in the water until the swans scared him away 🙂
Danny champion of the world is my favourite story.
Dr Who would be there, I don’t like school or writing.
Great outdoors…. mean adventure and play.
Homework in half term!? I think not!
Hugh and Mia, 9 and 3, love to go to the park and climb the crocodile tree!
I climbed a tree with my dog Sasha she is like a mountain goat
I climbed up great orme in llandudno last weekend up lots of steep hills, we played hide and seek and also wrote our names out of rocks in a special place at the top of great orme. We climbed over lots of rocks and walls and saw lots of wildlife! We got very muddy because the hills were squelchy because of the rain. Chloe aged 8
I climbed up my tree and spied on my neighbour who was sitting funny songs and dancing in his garden
I like going to Compton Verney with my friend Jude. We ran in the willow tunnels, looked at the rabbit holes and threw sticks in the river. It was a fun day in the sun!
I like when me daddy & mommy play camping in the garden and watch the stars like an explorer
I love being outside as my mam says that I eat my lunch and dinner better and that I sleep better at night as well! I think I enjoy being outside better than watching cartoons.
I love going to the zoo and seeing the dinosaurs.
I love taking my dog Archie for a walk he always comes back wet and muddy
I see puddles I can’t help put splash and jump I see leaves I can’t help but throw and laugh it rain it pours and I still have fun how I love the great outdoors how I love it with my family more
I was jumping in puddles and there was a huge one and I fell in to it and was soaked in muddy water up to my waist


I was walking in the woods with my bouncy dog, Indy. It was a cold and damp day and we had wandered about 2 miles from the path and were surrounded by prehistoric ferns and bizarre monkey puzzle trees. We stumbled upon a small brook, Indy paused to have a drink then sprang in, bounding and splashing around. I joined him, jumping and submerging my wellies in the cold water, sending ripples over the rocks. We stopped and looked up at the sunshine flickering through the trees overhead. Then we saw a flash. Blue, orange, white. Beautiful colours darted past my eyes and perched on a thin branch overhanging the stream. When I close my eyes, I remember our walk and the dazzling colours of the kingfisher.
I went to forest school with Catherine and mollie, Louis taught us how to plant a tree and I did it. I watered the little tree after I planted it then everyone had a hot chocolate together.
I wished for a piggy outside in my garden but then I didn’t have one.
I would have pirate ship hideout tree house and few cats, a parrot and aquarium just because my brother loves fish. I also love all farm animals would be great to have those as well. I would like to play in my pirate tree house all day and sometimes to ask my mum to have a sleepover there. (In summer). I also love beach and play in the sand and water.
In great outdoors there was a gruffalo who went for a walk. He bumped into his child and they decided to climb all the trees. They climbed trees until they saw the little brown mouse. The little mouse said “I want to eat you up!” The Gruffalo and his child yelled “Oh crumble!”  and off they fled. The little brown mouse laughed and walked away. The End.
In the great outdoors a little boy and a little girl go on some fun adventures in the woods at the top of the hill.
In the great outdoors a snow leopard prowled through the night and caught a nightjar.
In the great outdoors a swam in a lake and climbed the biggest tallest tree. I jumped over a river, made a campfire and toasted marshmallows.  I feel free!
In the great outdoors all the Beavers have lots of fun,we sleep in tents, make sausages outside for breakfast & we get to roast marshmallows on the fire at night around the campfire! I love going camping
In the great outdoors fig and me runned out of our old house, and we went to the dinosaur forest, where the T-rex tried to eat us with his ginormous teeth, but we ran super fast like flash to the desert. I let fig pull me down the sand dunes like a slide it was awesome. Then we runned home and got the eggs from the chickens and had dippy eggs for breakfast. The end
In the great outdoors I am free to play and explore. I can be anything and go anywhere. I can be a pirate in the seven seas, climb a tree like Tarzan and grow wings to fly like a butterfly. My imagination and the Great outdoors can take me around the world and back again in minutes. I love the freedom I get from the outdoors it makes me come alive!
In the great outdoors I can be a kid and have adventures. I get to spend time with my family with no technology. My mum doesn’t mind if I get muddy too
In the great outdoors I can pretend I am a dinosaur explorer and I can search for dinosaurs  big or small
In the great outdoors I can run and jump and play I like to hide in trees and say boo then run away. Freya age 3
In the great outdoors I have lots of fun with mammy daddy and my baby brother Archie. My favourite season is is autumn.  I loved looking for conkers with my daddy and collecting all the falling leaves to take to nursery to show my teacher. I love the colours of the Autumn leaves. The outdoors is a lot of fun. I can’t wait to see what adventures we have this year.
In the great outdoors I learn when I think I am playing. I make mud pies, mixing and experimenting with natural materials. I talk with my friends about what I have made, and we build up our language not knowing we are learning! The outdoors is the best place to grow up.
In the great outdoors I like to climb up the Eildons to hunt dinosaurs,  the best time to do this is at night so I need to take my torch!!
In the great outdoors I like to get muddy and splash in puddles and collect rocks
In the great outdoors I like to go camping with my family and mycousibs. And go hiding and making dens and campfires for toasting giant marshmallows
In the great outdoors i like to go on adventures to the field, from the field I can see ships, a light house, sheep and horses and always hear lots of birds. I like to chase after the pheasants too. When ever I go outside I always look for the biggest muddy puddle I can find and splash until I fall over. When I get home mummy puts me on the bath and I can splash all over again! I love going on an outdoor adventure as there is so much to see and do. My name is Alfie and it my birthday soon, I’m going to be two!


In the great outdoors I like to look for creepy-crawlies whilst out walking the dog, exploring trees, pretending to be a dinosaur and jumping in puddles. I love the outdoors and would live there if mummy and daddy let me.
In the great outdoors i like to look for things I have never seen get muddy like my dog
In the great outdoors I like to play with my friends and make dens and look for lots of bugs in my bug house!
In the great outdoors I like to pretend I am a superhero firefighter and I can reduce people who are trapped or scared.
In the great outdoors I like to put on my wellies and go for walks with mummy, daddy, my sister and brother. We go to the country park where there are lots of trees and a big river. Along the way we jump in muddy puddles, looks for squirrels and grow stones in the river. It is always lots of fun especially on a rainy day
In the great outdoors I like to run and play. I have races with my friends and we love to play football. The great outdoors is fun because you can play your favourite games.
in the great outdoors i like to walk my dog and run after him
In the great outdoors I love to play, I`d play and play all day, all day. By Cai aged 6.
In the great outdoors I love to run and play with my family and our dog. To climb trees and explore. To jump in muddy puddles and find creatures to look at. To have fun
In the great outdoors i run through the wind, rain and sun, I feel free like a bird without a care in the world 🙂
In the great outdoors I was playing with my friends and Spider-Man. We went to the park and then came to my house and played in the garden. Then we had a bath and went to bed. The end.
In the great outdoors i was walking along with my mum and i turned a corner and saw something really cool . it was a carving of an eagle then i see because there were 17 more carvings on this walk to see the rest but we couldn’t because it was nearly bedtime the end
In the great outdoors I went in the woods and I saw a dragon! I went in the trees until I got to it and I had my stick and I said No dragon! Then it wasn’t a dragon it was a tree with a claw! Then I went and i found the secret swing in the tree and I did it all by myself and there were fairy doors inside the tree it’s magic! I couldn’t see the fairies because they were shy but I said hello and I got berries for them then I did splashing In the biggest muddy puddle in the universe! It splashed all over me even on my face! Then I did go home. Elsie Lees 3 years old.
In the great outdoors I went on a walk to see some deer. While I was out exploring I saw a sea eagle with a fish in his mouth. I also saw a pine marten and found what I think was definitely a dinosaur foot print. That day I also drank water from a waterfall. I didn’t see any deer so another adventure tomorrow.
In the great outdoors I’ll play with my brother. We’ll get muddy and mummy won’t mind. I’ll wear my wellies. Maybe we’ll see a deer. I’ll be quiet but that is hard. I’ll breath really big and fill my tummy up with air. It will be really so good.
In the great outdoors i’m free! I love camping when I make fires and get special treats. Hot chocolate and melted Marshmellows on my stick.
In the great outdoors is fun
In the great outdoors is lots of surprises, fun to be had and plenty of prizes. The outdoors is an adventure with lots of nature to see, it’s fun and best of all it’s free. I love going on walks, on my scooter and to the park, I even love being outside when it’s dark. I can look at the stars in the night sky, and see different night animals that come out to say hi.
In the great outdoors lived a spider monkey called Felicety Mary Cotswood who loved climbing trees and making dens. However she was very good at staying away from the Great Pine. She had a younger sister Rose Mary Cotswood and Felicety was in charge of looking after Rose. However Rose was very disobedient and always tried to climb the Great Pine and Felicety had to always explain over and over “Rose you can’t go near the Great Pine unless you want Babo the gorilla to make you a slave you know what happened to Chloe, she was never seen again don’t go near it, understand?” And Rose always replied “Yes Felicety ” and wandered off. Now one day the head spider monkey decided to send an army off to chop down the Great Pine tree and make the gorilla find a new home. And the plan worked. The end.
In the great outdoors lived a stegosaurus.  He was scared of the t-rex because he had big, bitey teeth and sharp claws.  He was hiding in a cave, so the scary t-rex couldn’t find him.  One day he needed food.  He peeped out of the cave and couldn’t see the t-rex. He started walking through the forest.  He came across Triceratops who was eating crunchy leaves.  He hadn’t seen the t-rex.  Next he saw pterodactyl catching fish in the stream.  He hadn’t seen the t-rex.  At the mud mound he found brontosaurus,  but he hadn’t seen Rexy.  stegosaurus helped himself to some grass and flowers.  Suddenly there was a big noise.  All the ground began to shake and the trees started to wobble like jellies.  A big, brown shape was coming near. He had tiny arms and powerful legs.  Aaarrrrrggghh it was the mighty tyrannosaurus Rex and he was looking for his lunch.  Stegosaurus ran as fast as he could back to his cave. Phew he thought.  Safe at last and he had managed to get lots of tasty things to eat


in the great outdoors lives a cat with long teeth who eats birds but we dont like that we like the cat but not her eating birdies so we gave her a bell on her neck and now it rings and scare the birds away so everyone is happy
In the great outdoors lives a pig called Pigla. Pigla was sad as he couldn’t find his baby piggies and mummy pig. One day he was playing outside but there was no mud. He saw mr farmer come over carrying a bucket of water past the pig pen. Then he tripped on a rock and the water went everywhere and then there was lots of mud for Pigla to roll in and he was really happy again! So he jumped for joy and he jumped so high he escaped from the pig pen and ran to the woods and he found Mrs Pigla and the baby piggies and then he was super duper happy!
In the great outdoors memories are made.
In the great outdoors Mummy takes me to the forest and I play in the big mushroom houses. I like to jump in muddy puddles in my wellies and they splash my face. We can go looking for the ‘Gruffafo’ then we can have a hot chocolate and flapjack from the cafe.
In the great outdoors of Scotland a boy named Richard was playing cricket with his best friend Charlie.  It was sunny & hot like Madagascar with palm trees on the beach & you can hear the sea crashing against the shore. Just then an English cricket player called Charlie Dung came & said “Howdy mates, how’re ya doin?”. He showed them how to play proper cricket & they had the best cricket day ever! The end. By Luke 8yrs old
in the great outdoors on a stormy day a mean fox was in the woods. His name was ginger snap. He had no sense of friendship whatsoever as his only friend was always mean to him. When he came across a little rabbit, the rabbit asked him to be his friend. He said ‘fine’ and the little rabbit was very happy. The rabbit asked the fox to plait some long grass and tie it round his ankle for a friendship bracelet. then the rabbit, who was called thumper, said ‘always be kind’ then the fox walked away. He had learnt how to be kind
In the great outdoors On my walk to school I hear a crushing noise and then see a tail sticking out from behind it. It’s a stegosaurus, luckily that is a herbivore so I can walk slowly past it. Just around the corner in a tree I here screeching, it’s a pteranodon looking for food, I have to speed up so it doesn’t catch me. I head down the hill towards my school there’s a trex hiding behind one of the houses I have to be very quite so it can’t hear me pass as the T-Rex is a carnivore and can run very fast. I get to the bottom of the hill and see my school, I have to get into my school gates before the dinosaurs spot me. I enter my school play ground, “Phew!” I’m safe now.
In the great outdoors remember it’s fun in the light, it’s fun dark. It’s fun when it’s sunny, it’s fun when it rains. When the wind blows and when it’s cold. Remember all kids are Waterproof.
In the great outdoors Ryan loves to help grandad on his farm. He likes to ride on the tractor and feed the lambs. Then he collects bits of wool from the field and stones and other interesting sticks. Then make a big picture with them and have a nice cold drink sat on a tree stump next to grandad’s farm shed.
In the great outdoors spider lived in his house but it caught fire so he called the spider fire engine and they put out the fire and then he went to work at the spider bakery in spider town and made fly cakes. By Josh age 3
In the great outdoors Steve Backshaw was a great explorer and was going on an adventure. He was flying his plane when it crashed on an island. He was ok, but he was stuck there. He looked round the island and found lots of animals. They were special animals that could talk to him. They helped him to fix his plane and get home safely.
In the great outdoors the air smells like a memory, flooding back to me with each breath I take. A memory of the day we walked down by the lake.We saw lots of fun things even a boat and a snake, that’s why I love it down at the lake. My baby could see that the ducks wanted fed. She sat on her knees and she fed them the bread. She would have kept going till the ducks were too fat but “that’s enough bread” was what Mummy had said. Just by the lake was a cottage for three, that’s where we’d sleep and mummy would make tea. The cottage was perfect cosy  warm and snug.  Just the right size for baby, mummy and me. In the great outdoors down by the lake. We were happy, we were contented and free. I hope that one day you will go there and see.
In the great outdoors the rain is so beautiful and the worms like to wiggle. When I look out the window I always smile thinking of all the fun I could have in the mud.
In the great outdoors there are lots of adventures to go on. I like to go on an adventure in the garden. The last time I went on an adventure I met a fairy called sausage and she now lives in a plant pot next to my den. I like to watch sausage fly and we play together all day
In the great outdoors there are lots of animals. Some big, some small, some have specials powers some have none at all.
In the great outdoors there are lots of things to see, like birds and animals. Our mummy loves birds and we always give them food like seeds in the garden. The robin is our favourite because he always sings us a song when he comes.
In the great outdoors there are many adventures to be found. Find your own, get muddy, get wet, have fun… and most f all be yourself
In the great outdoors- there are trees and animals
In the great outdoors there is a butterfly called Lilly she met another butterfly her name was daisy, they saw a little girl running away from a dragon. The butterfly’s picked the little girl up and flew her back home.
In the great outdoors there lived a little girl who loved to go on adventures. She let her little brother come too. They like to go in a big boat and find secret islands with treasure.


In the great outdoors there once was a girl called Tinnie. She loved climbing trees and jumping in muddy puddles. She was most happy when she was outside and running around. Tinnie loved Easter and in the Easter Egg Hunt found 3 colourful yummy chocolate eggs!!
In the great outdoors there was a bear. The bear had lost his favourite stick. He was feeling very glum sat on a rock. The bear’s name was Tom and he was waiting for his friend Mark the fox to come along and play with him. They had a full day planned of jumping in the fresh muddy puddles that had appeared overnight and chasing each other with sticks. Mark walked around the corner and shouted To Tom “Why so sad?” Tom replied “I’m feeling very sad today, I’ve lost my favourite stick”. “Oh no where did you last see it?” asked Mark. “It was on this rock” Tom said. Tom stood up and started looking around with Mark. Mark laughed and pointed at the rock which Tom has just got up from “There it is”! They both laughed, turned around and went off together to play in the puddles
In the great outdoors there was a chicken called Barry. He was funny. The end.
In the great outdoors there was a dinosaur. It was a very friendly Pachycephalosaurus. He ates plants and was called Pachy. Pachy likes going on adventures! One day he saw a humongous Brontosaurus called Bronty. They were best friends. They decide to go on a nature adventure. Bronty liked looking for pretty flowers and Pachy loved searching for bugs! On their adventure Bronty found a beautiful flower but she didn’t notice a bug inside!! Bronty sniffed the beautiful flower and the bug jumped onto her nose. Bronty shouted for Pachy to come and rescue her from the bug! “Whats the matter?” said Pachy. “There is a bug on my nose!” shouted Bronty. “It’s only a tarantula!” said Pachy “But I’m scared of them! Please can you take it off my nose” asked Bronty. Pachy took the tarantula off Brontys nose and put it into his bug house with all the other bug he had found. “Let’s go home now, Pachy” said Bronty. “Why?” asked Pachy. “because there are too many bugs!” said Bronty “Ok let’s go home and have a nice mint tea” suggest Pachy. The End
In the great outdoors there was a hedgehog who lived in a tree
In the great outdoors there was a lion called Kovu that loved another lion called Kiara and Simba, another lion, exiled Kovu out of the pride lands.
In the great outdoors there was a rabbit who met a witch who was good.
In the great outdoors two little boys built a den. The Den was a magical den and when the boys went inside they turned into superheroes and could go anywhere in the work on magical adventures .
In the great outdoors we can get as wet and muddy as we like. We go to the woods, collect sticks and play hide and seek.
In the great outdoors we have created a ninja course and me and Rachel found some treasure and it had a lot of gold in it and we made grenades out of stones and ninja stars out of little carvings of wood.
In the great outdoors we have magical adventures.
In the great outdoors we have so much fun with our friends. Once we played from the moment we woke up to the time we went to bed in the garden. Being faries, making mud pies and going on the trampoline. It was so much fun
In the great outdoors we hunt for bears, we fight fierce dragons and tiptoe around fairy rings. In the great outdoors we jump in muddy puddles, roll down hills and climb trees to try and touch the clouds. In the great outdoors we breathe, we run, we climb, we play and we are free.
In the great outdoors where a woodland stood there were faired and goblins and witches, but one day a human discovered that the wood was enchanted, but that person hadn’t believed in enchanted things so he went on an adventure to try and believe that enchanted things were real.
In the great outdoors you  can sing as long as you like.  You can free all your heart and mind.  It’s easy to fly away in the sky on a peaceful day.  When I run and play hide and seek I see myself from above me..
In the great outdoors you Be whoever you want. You can be a person from starwars fighting or a knight or you can be a fire breathing dragon. You can get muddy and not get told off. You can paddle in streams and throw rocks in rivers. And climb a big big hill and see the world from the top. Once I saw a bird of prey with a rabbit in its mouth when I was climbing a hill, that was awesome. I going on adventures
In the great outdoors you can have endless fun.
In the great outdoors you can have lots of fun with chickens and my sister likes the chicken so we play and play with them at my nannys house
In the great outdoors you can have so much fun, whatever the weather, with or wits out friends having so many new experiences.
In the great outdoors you can never really stay there, in the great outdoors there’s not much room for all your feet. Inside there’s lots of room for your feet.


In the great outdoors, a cat was lost. An angel came  and   said to the lost lonely cat, where is  your family?  The  cat said I haven’t got a family. The Angel said I will take you to a new family. The cat went to the new family that lived at the bottom of a garden. The cat then lived their and was very happy for the rest of her life living in the warm  sunshine!   By H age 4
In the great outdoors, I have a snail hotel. There are lots of snails, and they crawl away when I am not looking. Keira age 5
In the great outdoors, I like playing with my dad. We go to a place called “as i call it” the fields. We go on adventures and find new things, I like to stay in my dads van wild camping.
In the great outdoors, i like to collect sticks and walk in streams
In the great outdoors, I play with my big sister! We jump in the leaves and have lots of fun.
In the great outdoors, I walked carefully as there was a hissing noise in the trees. It was a snake. I thought he was bad for a while,  but now he was good to me. He helped other animals get back up off the ground when they’d  fallen out of the tree. He could talk by hissing and I understood what he meant. He hissed “I could be your friend if you helped me to put the animals back in the trees”. I helped him but something went wrong. The animals kept falling out if the trees! It was because an elephant was shaking the trees! The elephant for cross with us because he didn’t  want the animals to be in those trees. He wanted to carry them to another tree! So the snake and the elephant and me all had a chat and decided we could all work together to move all the animals to another tree. And that’s  what we did.
in the great outdoors, I was walking and saw two foxes. They were eating something, I couldn’t quite see what it was as I didn’t want to get too close. My heart was pounding as i looked through my binoculars at this beautiful pair. They were orange and their faces were white with the bushiest tails i have ever seen. I crept closer and to my amazement i saw that they weren’t in fact eating something, it looked like they were protecting something. Just then i got a glimpse of that ‘something’……….a tiny baby fox, hidden between the two adults. That day was so memorable to me i will never forget the most beautiful sight i saw.
In the great outdoors, my brother and I love to go animal spotting.. We find deer, pheasants and lots of badger sets.. When we go spotting mummy always makes us a picnic.. The end
In the great outdoors, my family and I went to the woods. We collected sticks and jumped in puddles. We found a slimey green frog. We saw a deer and a fox. We walked and walked until our legs were achey then we had a yummy snack. We love the woods!
In the great outdoors, the gingerbread men and women were walking out on the colossal mint choc chip hills with their liquorice bootlaces trailing along the floor. Georginger was rolling down the hill and. As she rolled she snatched some mini eggs, which had fallen out of a shredded wheat nest, that was high up in an oreo tree.  Suddenly, candy began to fall from the sky and as it did so,  the bewildered Georginger felt herself begin to hover above the ground.  To her surprise, she found herself flying as her friends came drifting towards her. This was because most of the candy was falling closest to Georginger. All of the parents were most alarmed by the sight of it. Suddenly, a giant lollipop bopped a mother bird on the head. She flew off shrieking in horror, with her mouth full of chocolate buttons. Just at that moment a flying saucer crashed into one of the oreo trees and sherbet poured out of it.  Meanwhile, Georginger had been playing dodgestoppers in the sky with her friends. To the parents’ relief, the candy stopped pouring out of the clouds. Slowly, the children drifted to the ground and collected as many sweets as possible. Finally, their parents took them home to their marshmallow beds.
In the great outdoors, the Gruffalo lives in the woods. Me, mummy, daddy and my sisters go looking for the Gruffalo but we never find him, we only find his house.
In the great outdoors, there are lots of beautiful creatures and trees and flowers. They’re all very special and we need to look after them. (Bobby, aged 3)
In the great outdoors, there was a centipede that didn’t know what to do. So he crawled over rocks, until he digged underground and he saw mr worm and found a skeleton. And then he saw a old tin can. Until he found an old lawnmower and then he found a stick. And then he found an old train toy. So he took it home, he scuttered inside across the floor and put it in his train drawer. Until he went to a mine shaft. And then he climbed up the mine shaft. And then he went into the mine shaft. And he saw lots of tin. He went to the big square mine and he saw an old beam engine. And then he saw a Friend with another centipede. And then he found a new home under a rock. And the end. (By Leo aged 4)
In the great outdoors, there was a spider that lived on a web. She was very friendly but most people were frightened of her. Then one day a girl came and picked up the spider. The came became friends and played together everyday.
In the great outdoors, we were on an adventure and it was pouring with rain. We looked everywhere and just as we came up another hill i slipped and rolled down into the  stream and i turnes and saw a baby deer and its mummy. So worth getting aoaking wet for.
In the great outdoors, you can do whatever you want that you can’t do inside, run, jump, climb, get really muddy and if you use your imagination, you can be whatever animal you want. sometimes I’m a tiger in the jungle and sometimes I am a monkey in a tree and so is my brother. sometimes when we go to the beach, i am a shark with big sharp teeth.Summer is the best because I can play outside everyday.
In the great outdoors, you can scream and shout and run and have fun. You can get wet and muddy and jump in muddy puddles and never get told off
In the great outdoors. One day I found a worm that had been chopped in half but it grew again. I made a worm house and put them all together.
In the great outdoors…. The sun shines sometimes but it’s more fun when it’s raining. There was a little boy called Noah and he had superpowers. He was also a knight. He had to rescue a princess from the dragon, so he took his trusty helpers
In the great outdoors…you can find farms, beaches, woodlands and parks. There are puddles for splashing, ponds for dipping, rivers for fishing and seas for swimming. You can build send castles in the beach, play football in the park, go on adventures in the woods. I like looking for gruffalos! There is so much to do outside, it’s never boring. If it’s windy you can fly a kite, if it’s rainy you can get really muddy but I like sunny days the best because I can spend all day outside and that’s my favourite place to be.


In the great outdoos I can run, I can jump, I can shout and I can roll. I can splash and get sticky in the mud. I can learn about all the things I see in the great outdoors. I love the great outdoors.
In the outdoors my daddy found a frog and picked it up. It was green and slimey and little. Daddy put it down amd it jumped in the grass and went under my swing set.
Is a place where a tree can be whatever you want it to be – house, tent, shed, hidey-hole, art gallery and something to talk to.
Is fun and messy
Is fun to explore with Mummy and Hudson. We like to go on adventures together. The end.
is great fun! I like playing with the tadpoles in our pond. One day a frog landed on Mummy’s foot and she screamed! it was funny!
is where I can jump in puddles with my red wellies on, I make my mummy and daddy laugh, but I get so dirty! but then I go to the play ground and be the bestest there!
It the great outdoors you are free to be who you want to be, be as brave as you want to be and be as wild as you can
Jumping in muddy puddles is so much fun. Being blown by the wind and jumping in muddy puddles is great
Lucas aged 2 says we play hide and seek and it. We see the animals. We see the lake with (cousins). Ethan aged 6 said no we didn’t we went round the maze, then played it, then round the little zoo, then to the playground and the lake. It was a busy day and it was a sunny funny day.
Making a make-shift tree house in the woods, so that can hide from grown ups, you need a password!
Me and my sister love to explore and go on adventures in the great outdoors. No matter the weather our mummy and daddy put our wellies and waterproofs on and we go on adventure. Near our house we have a cool walk we like to go on a bear hunt and we sing songs and look for things to discover and find. I have to be brave and cross bridges with no sides, jump the big slippy slushy middy puddle. We walk along the muddy cliff being careful not to fall in the water. We collect sticks and stones on our walk and at the end we play pooh sticks and throw the stones into the water. It is always great fun. My little sister has just started to walk and she loves squelching through the mud with me and collecting the sticks. Always at the end we run all the way home just like the story of we are going on a bear hunt. The end
Me, mummy and nanny were playing in the woods looking for geocaches. We saw lots of dogs and people, and after walking through lots of squelchy mud we found the treasure! I swapped a pirate coin, I was very happy!
Mummy and Dexter were playing Fast Run outside and it was really fun.
Mummy daddy and max went for a adventure in the woods and we met a transformer and all are jam sandwiches and climbed trees
My boy loves jumping in puddles, we went with my mum on a farm adventure walk to do pond dipping. My boy was jumping in puddles I joined him, he laughed at me saying I would end up like the vicar of Dibley! He fell waist high in the river trying to catch fish! We saw cows being milked swans in a rope swing were he fell off in a muddy puddle, he had such a good time sadly though he needed a wee and didn’t wait to take anything off as he charged around the house to get to the loo! I just put him in the shower and spend the next few hours cleaning mud from the house!
My favourite adventures are with my pony Apple, we have a western saddle with saddle bags which we fill with food and go for picnics ❤
my garden is my outdoors, sometimes it is sunny, sometimes windy, sometimes rainy. but it’s my favourite and i like being in it all the time.
My mummy took me for a walk along a canal and we saw a swan fly in and land on the water. It made an amazing noise and it was massive and beautiful
Once a time Bodhi & granny were walking in the rain when they met a big big beer, called bear. We played with the bear and had a snack with Charlie & Fred. The end


Once apon a time in the woods was a little boy called jack and he saw a fire crest, the first crest and jack became friends. When the fire crest and jack were playing thay played chase throw the woods running and chasing each other. When it was the morning time jack couldn’t find the fire crest so he laid on the ground because he was so sad, but suddenly he saw the fire crest and it made him really happy to have his friend back. Thay were the best of friends the end. Jensen age 6 (aka fox grylls!..)
Once in the great outdoors at forest schools we made a mud slipping slide. It all started with someone slipping on the hill. So one or two people slipped down after and the slip and slide was created. We all started slipping and sliding down it. We got very muddy but it was so much fun.
Once on our family holiday me, Grandma and Mam went out into the great outdoors and floated my bath duck in the muddy puddles. It was cold but we didn’t care, we played and jumped in the puddles then went back to the cottage and had a warm bath and drank hot chocolate. I love muddy puddles.
Once there was an old boat who got stranded on the sand in Blakeney. He felt sad and lonely and unloved. It was hard being in the great outdoors all in your own. Then one day two littles boys called Herbie and Teddy came along and fell in love with him! He was big and strong and exciting to climb on. He was surrounded by muddy puddles and seaweed and it was as if he had a personality all of his own. Everyday on holiday the boys would come down the quay to say hi to him and pull on his great rusty anchor. Suddenly the old boat didn’t feel sad and lost anymore. He felt happy! Hi
Once upon a time in a forest there was a dog going for a jog and then sat on a log. The dog saw a butterfly flying high so he followed her and came to a dark dark cave. In the dark dark cave a friendly bear who said “helloooooo can you be my friend because I don’t have any”. The dog said “yes I can be your friend”. Now that they are friends they had a picnic together and ate honey and jam sandwiches. They played a game of hide and seek and the bear always won. The dog loved he friend so he lives in the cave with bear now and they are happy. The end
Once upon a time in the great outdoors lived a fairy called Daisy. Her mum and dad were called Lydia and Monty. They lived under A rainbow, Daisy found out that there was treasure under the rainbow. Mum, Dad & Daisy dug for days and finally found the treasure. Then a robber came so they had to move to a tree house. The End (by Rory age 5)
Once upon a time in the great outdoors me and my friends went on an adventure riding our bikes! We found a dark cave and decided to explore inside, we were a bit scared cos it was so dark so we all held hands to help us feel brave. We left a trail of rocks to find our way back out as the cave was so long! The bear that lived at the end of the cave had gone out for dinner so we left him a note that said ‘we would come back and visit soon and bring some cake’. We followed the trail of rocks back outside and all picked a rock each to take home to always remember our great outdoors adventure. Ellie Mae 5.7yrs
Once upon a time in the great outdoors there was a frog who likes to solve clues. A girl came along and thought the frog was a cute puppy so she called him a pet but he’s not really a pet so she left him there and he hopped off and solved some clues.
Once upon a time in the great outdoors, Freddie and Ashton were snuggled in their sleeping bags in the tent when suddenly they heard a loud “snap”! They grabbed their head torches and swishy sticks and they were off to find out what had made the noise. They sprinted through the long way grass, torches shining brightly. Suddenly a hole opened up in the ground in front of them. They screeched and fell for what seemed like ages, down and down. They landed with a bump and there was mummy and daddy standing in front of them. “Mum”, “Dad” they shouted, what are you doing here?  ” we were looking for Dylan (cat) when we fell”  they said. ” that must have been the noise we hesrd” we said. Suddenly they were boosted back to the top and they all walked back to the tent.
Once upon a time there lived a young girl called Lucinda. She loved sunbathing on her coat. One day she came across a kitten that was stray. She wanted to help it so she took it home. Then she decided a name for it. And on the collar she wrote Rosie. She loved Rosie and they always played together but one day Rosie got lost. Lucinda has looked everywhere but she could not find Rosie. She lived in cottage near the Forest so she went to search the forest. She searched and searched and searched and searched but she could not find Rosie. She walked for a bit more and she found some footprints. She followed the footprints Andy she found a blueberry bush. She looked behind it and she found Rosie. When Rosie stood up, Lucinda found that Rosie had had kittens. They rushed back to the coattage and they showed Lucinda’s mum ( called Mary) and Mary got a bed for Rosie and the kittens to sleep in. From then on they lived happily ever after. The end
Once upon a time there was a little girl called pinky who lived in a palace. The king was angry because he didn’t want her to dance outside. The princess has a good key to go through the frozen door, she escapes every night. Pinky dances the night away under the stars and moon, she reaches the good palace and dances with the good king and queen. The end!
Once upon a time, there was a little boy called Noah and he was outside doing craft. He was looking for his friends so he scampered off to find them because he was going on holiday and he wanted to say goodbye.  He was going to Snowdonia where he was going to paddle in the sea, go on a boat, climb mountains and ride his bike.  He found his friends, said goodbye and went on holiday.  (by Eliza, age 3)
Once when I was at Granny’s house, I went down near the river. There were lots of stinging nettles. I went in to a den that my mummy used to play in wen she was little. Now it is a foxes lair. I found some fox bones. One was a foxes skull. It had sharp teeth. I put it in a bucket and kept it.
One day i chased a rainbow in my wellies with my friend Megan, we found a balloon and a cape, we played superheroes with them and had lots of fun! By Sasha Evans, aged 5!!!
One day I was gardening with mum and I heard a deep voice from the bottom of my garden. I didn’t mum I just told her I was going to play so I went in search of the deep voice. I had to climb through branches dig through holes and push the leaves out of the way till I saw the voice belonged to the grufaloo. He lived at the bottom of my big garden and invited me to tee.  The end!!
One day I went for a ride with all my family. We went cantering and jumping through the New Forest. We caught some filly foals and a very naughty colt. Daddy got shut in the pound so we had to do all the work! As we were riding home we saw foxes and owls because it was getting really dark! The owls called twit twit and twoo  twoo to each other through the dark branches. Finally we got home and we were starving!!
one day in the great outdoors Harry went to the woods and he saw a squishy worms HArry helped Mr squishy worm to go home because he was broken when the eagle tried eating him.  Harry made Mr squishy a wheelchair so he didn’t have to slide.  Mr squishy went home and Harry stayed for dinner.. “ew no thank you” they did actually eat leaves smelly muddy leaves…..  I don’t eat leaves Mr squishy.  the worm family said thank you to Harry and then he went along the path.  ” bye Mr squishy “.  Harry likes helping…..  Harry likes helping creatures too. the end
One day me mummy and daddy and Daniel went to the beach, I slid on the mud and got all yucky but I still went for a paddle, Daniels wellies got full of water and mummy got wet then mummy found us jammies to put on at the car as I was on my way home from grans house at Tarbert and we had got all our clothes wet or muddy so mummy put us in jammies in the daytime!
One day outside I was playing with my friends suddenly the earth shook and we fell over as we lay on the floor a great big fireball fell from the sky and crashed into the field. We all ran over to see what it was and was surprised to see it wasn’t a comet but a spaceship we went closer and the doors opened wipe and a 10ft purple alien with a blood red light sabre stepped out he grabbed my friend and took him hostage we all shouted we mean no harm and come in peace then Frank the alien that’s what we named him let go of my friend and we all went round my house for dinner . the end
One day we were going on an adventure  walk we were going into the forest on the way we seen that a frog had spawned  in a puddle on the lane we told plan that the spawn needed water to live and he insisted that  we go home and get something that we could put the frog spawn into the drain so it would live and we have had to go back every day to watch the frog spawn turn into tadpoles this has just totally  enthralled  olan

One day, a little girl called Amelia went to the beach with her Mummy Shelley, her best friends tiny Noah and Bessie and her puppy Sonny. They pretended to be pirates with stick swords, hunted for buried treasure in the sand and explored the dark and scary pirate caves. They chased Sonny up and down the beach and splashed in rock pools, searching for crabs. Sonny found an old bit of rope which he thought was treasure. It started to rain but they just put their hoods up and had the best time. On the way home, Amelia and her friends took their wet wellies and jackets off and had a cosy picnic in the car.
One hot, sunny day the Wood family set off for a walk. They packed a picnic and decided to explore. They walked down the road and turned onto a quiet, overgrown path. It was a magic path! Freddy was very brave so he went first. He thought he could hear the trees talking to him. They hadn’t gone very far when the colour of the trees changed to bright purple. Mummy and Daddy were a bit scared. Jacob and Freddy felt brave. The family walked on and came out into a clearing where it was snowing! They were so excited! They played in the snow all day but still didn’t get cold and went home to have ice cream for tea.
One rainy day me and my family went out for a walk I saw a cave so we went to explore inside was a bear he chased us out we ran as fast as we could to get away
Our favourite day out is at Morton river with the children and the dog where we play pop sticks have hot chocolate and jump in muddy puddles. On the way home when it’s time to clean the dog off in the river from all the muddy puddles the children end up getting washed also and fill their wellies with water. Love our days in the woods and the three outfit changes that are needed.
Out in the great outdoors we love to camp, toasting marshmallows round a fire! Jumping in puddles and making a splash in our wellies and our hats, chasing butterflies round our heads this is a perfect trip to us, we love to sing and dance and play outdoors all day!
Outdoors I can be big next to an ant, small next to a tree, can hide to watch and learn, or pretend to fly and be free (edward aged 9)
The great outdoor is like going on a bear hunt
The great outdoor never makes you snore, it’s always fun when you slide on your bum, in the mud or snow- come on let’s go!
The great outdoors and I are best friends we go everywhere together we explore together and have lots of fun
The great outdoors are fun I like the swings once I slipt off the swings and it made me laugh.
The great outdoors are great to explore as long as wrapped up and warm.
The great outdoors are the best and my favourite place to be. We go out in all the different weathers and have lots of fun. I like when we have to get changed in the boot of the car because it means we’ve had a fun, muddy day
The great outdoors brings me sunny days and lots of fun
The great outdoors door was where the monster lived. He was called lazy and he played with his toys all day. And he visited his friends and he stole their toys. He was a naughty monster and his friends were sad. Then he asked if he could share and they were all friends again. The end
The great outdoors five little butterflies bouncing on the grass. They flew up to the moon and then came back down again.  The end
The great outdoors for me is being with my Nain (Nanna in Welsh) in the woods, eating blackberries and  collecting sticks.
The great outdoors Going on a bear hunt in the forest, I’m Brodie age 6 and and my little brother luca that’s 2years old. We be looking at Undy trails for any bear foot prints.,
The great outdoors has bugs and birds and day I went outside and saw a big bird and it had come out the tree and the egg had hatched and fell on the floor, the bird had had a baby bird. And it’s mum was catching bugs for the baby bird.
The great outdoors has lots more things than the great indoors and I can do what I want outdoors because Mummy is always indoors cooking.  When I am in my garden I catch bugs with my bug catcher and the only ones you can catch indoors are spiders.  But not a lot.
The great outdoors has lots of floors, to jump and skip and take a muddy dip. The great outdoors is my forever best friend, we adventure together because I adore to explore!


the great outdoors has lots of fun things to see and discover!
the great outdoors has lots of pretty colours and wiggly bugs. I like being outside bug hunting
The great outdoors I like to play with my friends and get my guinea pigs out and I like to play with my cat in the long grass
The great outdoors I love to play up the stables every day.
the great outdoors i love to play. I love going on fairy searches and going to the water to throw stones and paddle.
the great outdoors is a big brave place, full of adventure and surprise. Today we went for a walk through the woods. The troll lives under the bridge by my house, you must tiptoe across the bridge to get to the fairies on the hill. I like telling my sister about the great outdoors. I’ve taught her how to tiptoe across the bridge and not wake the troll. Did you know the great outdoors is magic? When a stinger gets you on the peg, there’s a magic leaf you can rub on it to make it better?!  I’m teaching my little sister about the outdoors and all the things out there waiting to be met…
The great outdoors is a big wild place a place for fun and a place for animals to live I was out walking across some fields one day and I came a cross a patch of ground that had been dug up so I said to my friend I think this is a badger set so we headed home spoke to our parents and the agreed that we could go back out a dusk to watch the set to see if active we waited and waited and out popped a head then the heavens opened we were soaked through but still watched 4  badgers leave there set it was dark by now but with our parents and a touch we found every muddy puddle on the way home to jump in .
The great outdoors is a fantastic place, you can see the sunshine and the rain and sometimes  a rainbow. There are bugs and squirrels and hiding bears and foxes. Put your wellies on and jump in the mud!
The great outdoors is a fun place to have advenchers and make friends . One day I went on an advanced to the garden with my sister we played football and bikes in the garden willest mummy and baby Elijah watched
The great outdoors is a great and wild place to be with lots of fun things for you and for me.
The great outdoors is a great place to be and see, look over there I just saw a bee, on its way to a flower, to make some honey. you will see so many different things like fish swimming round making little rings. Then there’s the woods…. better wear boots, take your bear and even have a picnic. There’s always a walk with a view look at the parents, think they have ice cream….. but for who? Can confuse parents by climbing a tree, ‘look dad I’m being a monkeeey’. Then there’s the beach a sandcastle or two, if we’re lucky maybe a dip too. Most importantly I don’t mind what we do, all that matters is I’m memory making with you.
The great outdoors is a great place to explore and your favorite place to be…inside is boring
The great outdoors is a great place!
The great outdoors is a new adventure around every tree trunk.
The great outdoors is a place where fairies roam because there is magic inderground. But nobody knows why it happens. You can become king of the fairies if you find the fairy crown. But fairies are very secretive so that makes it hard to find the magic crown. So good luck finding it.
The great outdoors is amazing because I feel free when I’m there
The great outdoors is amazing, The great outdoors is incredible. when I sit bored in class I imagine I am body boarding in Croyde, my favourite beach, i hear the crash of the waves, and tell so loud and free as I catch a wave all the way I , feeling the sun and salt and sand. When I sit bored in class, I imagine going gishing with my Pops, everything is so peaceful, I can hear the birds chirping, the crickets clicking, and the fish splashing, as they pop up to the surface. When I sit bored bored in class I imagine going to Belton House with my family,  climbing trees, having fun in the amazing playground, and  playing in the tree dens.
the great outdoors is amazing. On our muddy walks often in the rain we see animals, creapy crawls, a rainbow of colours of wild flowers and leaves. lots of different textures from rough, prickly to smooth and shiny
The great outdoors is awesome because birds fly in the sky high above you, baby birds singing their songs, deers prancing across the woods and tiny children playing and having fun.
The great outdoors is awesome. I saw a kingfisher catching a fish on the canal while out on my nana and grampas boat, it was amazing.


The great outdoors is beautiful and somebody is playing outside. It is a hedgehog that was hibernating but has woken up as it’s warm. The hedgehog is called Albie. Albie is playing with his friends At the rat and Jelly the bear. Albie, At and Jelly have lots of adventures as they learn about the great outdoors. They play games that teach them to stay safe, Albies favourite game is tig, this helps him learn how to  run fast when he is crossing the road. The End.
The great outdoors is beautiful and there are lots of doggies running around and playing. That’s why I love the great outdoors.
The great outdoors is being at our shack without electricity
The great outdoors is better than the park, I love the outside
The great outdoors is big and windy. I like the wind and the sun. The beach is fun.
The great outdoors is cold and muddy. Once there was a mud princess who go married and had mud babies.
The great outdoors is cold and wet enough to jump in muddy puddles. Dolly jumps in clean puddles. I get dirty. Delphi doesn’t jump. She’s a baby.
The great outdoors is cool because there’s lots to do. You can play and play and make mud pies in the mud kitchen and make Daisy chains for mummy
The great outdoors is epic because there are no rules, you can see the stars and animals, and you can be free.
the great outdoors is everywhere, you can see it and feel it. you can watch things in YouTube and the internet and tv but there is amazing things all around you. Dirt is ok. you will not for it you don’t wash your hands. if you keep still hugs dorset you are there. Indoors I go crazy, outdoors I go crazy too but I can keep really still and quiet. I can listen and feel. I see the tiniest hugs and once I saw a Fox really close. I have found owl pellets and picked out the teeny bones. I find teeth in the beach and the smallest shells. Outside is the best, it doesn’t matter if it is cold or wet or sunny or windy or snowy. You don’t need any money to have fun. Remember don’t leave potter or just animals and hugs and always let your mum know where you are if you are not enough to go exploring without her. Do not light fires as it is dangerous. Love the outside. by Evie age 10 and Jessica are 8
The great outdoors is for exploring, playing and discovering. I love to play outdoors with my brothers and friends. One day we plan to build a tree house,with a bucket that winds down and a ladder to climb up. Our friends will come to sleep there.
The great outdoors is for fun, running, chasing, finding, hiding, wondering and wandering. It is where my heart is. I like it most when it’s wet, or dry, hot or cold, muddy or grassy, windy and still.
The great outdoors is for riding my bike, building dens and playing in the park with my friends
The great outdoors is fresh and exciting. Always new things to discover. I love sunny days, rainy days and snow days.
The great outdoors is full of fun rain or sun for everyone where the bug live and the leave full the great out door is fun for all
The great outdoors is full of wonderful things. Like rainbows and toadstools and butterflies too. I love the fresh air and the breeze through my hair. Up the trees I climb now I can see so far. It’s great to be outdoors being a child and being me
The great outdoors is fun and cool. Just like diving in a swimming pool. Get out there and play, don’t hide inside or stay. Let’s have fresh air and spend energy learning new things, about birds and bees and the things with wings.
The great outdoors is fun to play in and run in and walk my dog in.
The great outdoors is fun when we walk through the fields and see the cows
The great outdoors is fun! I like to take my puppy for a walk. Sometimes my little sister comes but she is a bit slower and naughty. I help her in the long grass. Teddy my puppy likes to chase the ball I throw. We run and jump in muddy puddles!


The great outdoors is good when it rains. Rain is my favourite. I like to splash in puddles when it’s rainy.
The great outdoors is great because there are trees to climb, puddles to jump in, mud to make pies & lots of grass & mountains to go on adventures.
The great outdoors is great because there is lots of space to run and explore, lots of different flowers and foods and hundreds of bugs to watch!
The great outdoors is great because you can stand in long grass and look up at the sky. You can play and make birds nests and different things. And I love to do cartwheels and hunt for butterflies wood louse and snails! Mia Molly age 5.
The great outdoors is great because you get fresh air and you can spend time with your family and friends in the park
The great outdoors is great for nature adventures
The great outdoors is like a best friend, we’d be sad without it.
The great outdoors is lots of fun with puddles and dens and trees
The great outdoors is lots of fun! I love to build dens and look for treasure. I play with my friends and we fight pirates!
The great outdoors is lots of fun, I love going on walks with my mum and have new walking boots to make me a super Walker.  Picnics in the countryside are great fun too.
The great outdoors is lots of fun. We walk our dog in the woods and have adventures like ‘dragon spotting’ and looking for fairy doors on trees. It’s sometimes muddy so we have to wear our wellies to jump in the big puddles!
The great outdoors is magic,the great outdoors is fun,the great outdoors is pretty, I play with everyone.
The great outdoors is magical. It will make you feel happier and braver and the food always tastes brilliant when eaten outdoors
The great outdoors is Montys favourite place to be. He can ride his bike and be as fast as can be. He can explore and dig and search for bugs, and maybe even find some frogs and slugs.
The great outdoors is my best place to be, I am.always happy there and love to get muddy and tired.
The great outdoors is my favourite place , I love bike rides with my grand parents , picnics and Mostly playing football I could play it all day every day no matter what the weather
The great outdoors is my favourite place! My mom says that if I was allowed I would never come in! my best day ever was when my dad and me did an army run round the lake where we live! We got wet and muddy and had a picnic in with the rain!!
The great outdoors is my favourite place, I love that you can run around and have endless space. If I don’t go outside it makes me very sad and when we do go out I am very glad. So everyone should go explore outside even if it a a walk, a run or a ride ????
The great outdoors is my favourite place, i love to sail my boat and enjoy the Broads, so much nature and wildlife there, i love to win but love to just take part and enjoy the races with my friends, a quick dip in the broads during the summer to cool off is awesome!
The great outdoors is my favourite place. I like to run and jump and ride my bike. Sometimes I get mud in my house when I’ve been outside and mummy says take your shoes off!


The great outdoors is my favouritist place in the world,I love it when daddy races me round the garden in the wheelbarrow
the great outdoors is nice cos i can play with my friends and my dog and go for walks and see lots of animals in the fields and i like to go to the zoo
The great outdoors is outside and wet and muddy and fun.
The great outdoors is really big, even actually to space! I like the woods and the beach. One day I’ll build a rocket and play hop skotch on the moon!
The great outdoors is really fun, I like building things with stuff I find in the woods or by the lake and I love finding animal tracks and going on adventures and I always come home covered in mud and I love being outside because I feel free.
The great outdoors is really fun.
The great outdoors is right outside our door. Its every morning when we let the dog out for a run and every day that we see the sun.  Its when we walk to school and see a worm or when we spin and spin until we can not turn.  Its on a walk at the coast or a run in the sand, watching the salt water run through our hands.  Its in the birds in the sky and the gulls at the beach, and most of all the great outdoors is always in reach.
The great outdoors is so much fun today i got to roll down a hill, build a den and play hide an seek! It was so much fun!
The great outdoors is so much fun. I go jumping in puddles!
The great outdoors is sometimes muddy, sometimes sunny, sometimes gross, sometimes funny but always awesome!
The great outdoors is sunny and i wear my wellyboots in the forest. I hide in the dens and splash in the stream. I see pirates so i splash them.
The great outdoors is the best gift for me, beacuse it teaches me to respect living things and the earth
The great outdoors is the best in summer for families to go and explore and see the wonderful earth what surrounds us all.
The great outdoors is the best place to find mud, puddles and wiggly worms. I love walking Sidney my pug!
The great outdoors is the best place to play. We get muddy and hide and dance in the rain. We bug hunt and look for frogs and newts by the lake and if we are lucky we get to stay out late.
The great outdoors is the best play ground, classroom and therapy room.
The great outdoors is the best playground. I can make camps, look under stones for creepy crawlies, run around wherever I want and see lots of animals, butterflies and plants. I can have fun whatever the weather. When it rains and is sunny I see my favourite, rainbows
The great outdoors is the best so we can go on adventures
The great outdoors is the best way to learn, explore and have fun. Being free with your family with no technology in the way of socialising and experimenting 😉
The great outdoors is the place I want to be most


The great outdoors is the place to be , freedom outside it sets you free . The great outdoors to be whoever you want to be . Run free , shout, scream, sing , it’s up to you. Watch the birds fly high or sit under a tree. The great outdoors is the place I like to be, with all my friends there’s enough space for us all.
The great outdoors is to be explored. It’s on our doorstep so we venture out every weekend and at holiday times to make new memories. One day we set off to find the caves at Loughrigg. We crossed a river over a bendy bridge. We ran though leafy woods and came to a gate in a stone wall. We went through and found a forked path. We took the top route passing over bubbling becks. We looked down over Rydal water climbing higher and higher. Then over the brow of the hill we saw a huge gaping hole in the side of the mountain. We’d found our cave. It was cool inside and echoey. Carefully we balanced on the slippy rocks so we could get inside. It was awesome!  We asked mum and dad if we could come back for our birthdays. Best day ever!
The great outdoors is unlimited always brings new adventure.  Love to spend time exploring nature!
The great outdoors is very big and different every day. It’s much more fun that being stuck inside.
The great outdoors is waiting for you… go get your wellies
The great outdoors is- wet and sunny, and cold brrrr, but I like muddy puddles, I jump in muddy puddles, because I a big girl, I have Gruffalo wellies (Aurora 2 years old)
The great outdoors is where I become an adventurer in search of the biggest creepy crawly under the largest rock, which I have blasted away with my lazer eyes.
The great outdoors is where I can be free and get to be me
The great outdoors is where I go to have fun, play and make up adventures. Like the day I went up a tree and discovered a mystery land where different creatures run around playing hide and seek and eat big pots of pasta in the middle of the day. Which they cook over a big camp fire.
The great outdoors is where I like to be, with the sun and bees. I love going to forest school as I have learnt to confidently climb trees and we get to toast matshmallows and have hot chocolate. The great outdoors is so fun, to be free and run in the sun. When it rains it’s great fun to shelter under trees and watch for rainbows to appear.
The great outdoors is where I like to be. Spending time with my brother building dens in papas garden. We have two trees which we have lined with twigs, leaves and moss. They are fantastic hideouts and no-one knows we are there.
The great Outdoors is where i like to fly my kite in the park or at the beach, if its wet we put on wellies and waterproof trousers and the we are allowed to jump in puddles ot go in the sea. I am supposed not to go in deeper than my wellies but sometimes i do! I can go home in just my pants sometimes!!
The great outdoors is where I like to play. I like to ride my scooter, walk my dog, play with my little sister, and do gardening with Daddy. When I play outside it makes me really happy and I like to play with my friends. In the winter I like to build a big snowman with Mummy and Daddy.
the great outdoors is where i love to be, searching for the little animals and bugs we can not see and see where they hide when we walk so they dont get trod on
The great outdoors is where I play with my two little brothers.  We dig, we run and we splash around.  We get mud on our faces, on our hands and even in our ears.  We laugh and shout and giggle,  We have adventures and discover imaginary places. We find leaves and stones and all sorts of treasures.  The great outdoors is our favourite place to be, a place where we can feel free.
The great outdoors is where the world is. My best classroom is outside with my fitness and my family.
The great outdoors is where we plant seeds, saw wood, carry logs, have picnics, look for animals and birds and run around a lot
The great outdoors is wonderful
The great outdoors is wonderful… we get to go on wonderful adventures, my dog and I love running through the woods chasing leaves and looking for bugs. My dog always wins as she can sniff them out quicker than me, but mommy says we work well as a team.
The great outdoors it sets me free to run and climb it to just be! To be among the tall green grass or lay under the sky and just wonder at this vast wonderful world.


The great outdoors keeps me healthy & happy. Luckily mummy doesn’t mind me getting very muddy.
The great outdoors lets me be a hero, a villain, an explorer, a digger, a scientist, anything I want! Or just me!
The great outdoors lets me explore, it’s great to get fresh air. It helps me to excercise and have fun with my friends, i don’t care what the weather man says, it’s all about my clothing and my mum not minding mud!!
The great outdoors looks a really really fun place to be and I already like it so much that one day my Mummy and Daddy thinks I could be an explorer or something that helps make the outdoors a better place for animals or something like that!
The great outdoors makes me excited as I get to run around and get dirty and wet and have lots of fun with my mummy and daddy
The great outdoors makes me feel happy and warm. It’s a place I can play football, play chase with my dog and see all the horses near the horse trail and feed them leftover fruit and veg! It makes me feel like I never want to go back in the house.
The great outdoors makes our days! Running around in the summer haze. We love to get muddy and explore our patch. We love to pond dip and watch tadpoles hatch. To be outside is to be free. We make our best memories – mum, dad and me!
The great outdoors means I can play with water and mud . I can kick the ball in to space and climb very high.
The great outdoors means I get to play lots of football even in the winter. I love getting my kit covered in mud ⚽️
The great outdoors os now he’s 4 our backyard he cant wait to grow older so he can explore the whole neihberhood.
The great outdoors provides more than fresh air. It helps develop our physical skills, builds up our immune systems, is so much fun and you don’t need an expensive membership to enjoy it.
The great outdoors so huge, I wanted to go sledging in the winter but we don’t get snow very often. We went sledging in sand dunes and stone pits instead- it was awesome!!!
The great outdoors starts just outside our back windows, we hurry downstairs every morning and watch out for the birds to come and have their breakfast from the peanuts we put in a wire basket in the tree, they always come and we watch them before having our porridge. Then we get dressed and go on the days adventure, spotting fish in the stream, hunting the first daffodils to flower, quietly watching the deer in bushy park, jumping over logs in the woods… matter what the weather, we always get outside every day, sometimes the rainy days are the best as we get to put on our wellies, splash in the puddles and slide in the mud (maybe not the best days for mummy though as she has to wash all the clothes and clean the boots (but it’s good for her heart and soul!)
The great outdoors sun shining birds singing playing with my friends riding my bike .
The great outdoors was a nice place where little boys and girls played. the end.
The great outdoors where you get to be free and feel alive. The fresh air green countryside, the sandy beaches and the dark sky’s with bright starts there is no better place to be.
The great outdoors,  is full of paws and little sweaky  noses ,
The great outdoors, and whole world to explore all behind one home education door!! The beautiful world outside, so much to seek and find!! #DreamItPossible time to chase the sun and find the beautiful!!
The great outdoors, I love it!
The great outdoors, is wild and green. Full of nature and noises, like the birds in the morning and the bats at night. Our Cockerel Parker cock-a-doodle-doing. The water in the brook and the blue sky with fluffy clouds, the sun shining bright. All the plants mummy grows and my tree house den where I can spy out and spot my dog willow running around. I love the outdoors.


The great outdoors, once there was a little ant called Jeff. He was gathering honey for his parents so he went to the beehive nearby, but as he got there he saw a man in a funny suit. He sprayed the beehive and some bees flew out and stung the man and the honey fell to the floor. Quickly the ant grabbed it and took it back to his parents. Yay shouted the Ants!
The great outdoors, there’s always an adventure to be had by the ‘guapo boys’. (Guapo is beautiful in Spanish)
The great outdoors, where I explore, is full of animals and beasts! But I don’t care, I still play out there and me and my brothers and sister have a feast! We love picnics in the woods, we take loads of sweets and cake, and then we play some hide and seek, and then drink milkshake! My biggest brother takes us out to play football too, we always love to play outdoors, even if its March April May or June! Outside is where food tastes nicer, especially on the BBQ, I wish we could live outdoors, until I’m 102!
The Great outdoors.   One day we went to hythe beach,  it was New Year’s Day.   We took our scooters me and my big brother Harry went really fast we didn’t fall off, mummy and daddy had to run after us.   We went quite away along the font it was nice with the wind in our hair.      After we reached the end of the path we turned round and went back again.    We thought that the cafe’s would all be shut but we found one open and brought an ice cream mummy and daddy had a hot chocolate.   It was such a nice say bit cold o nice to get back in the car.    It was so nic not to be using our phones and tablets.    We love the outdoors.  I wonder where our next adventure will be.
The great outdoors. Once upon a time there was a little boy called Harley. He walked up to the playground, played on the swings and slide and went back home. The end.
The great outdoors. The names makes me think of the summer, of camping, playing and flying a kite. Even if lying in a tree reading a book, because that’s far nicer than reading inside. my mum has crinkles by her eyes which she says are because she is out in the sun too much, but I think that they show she has lived.
The great outdoors… if you look very very carefully, you might see a pinecone, nuts, or leaves. You might even find some creatures and they might be foxes, hedgehogs, spiders, birds, squirrels, rabbits and if you look even closer, you might see a ant or ladybird. Be careful with black and yellow ladybirds because black ones sting you and yellow ones are poisonous.
The great outdoors…because wellies weren’t made for the clean indoors!
The great outdoors…where adventure is at it’s most exciting, imagination has it’s greatest ideas and memories are made forever.
The puddles aren’t rainy puddles, they’re from when the porcupine puffer fish visited. He came down our road and everywhere he stepped he left some of his river behind. He was s porcupine puffer fish, but he didn’t have any spikes this one so I could cuddle him and when he was tired I carried him to the park and we went on the swings, the slide and everything with the puddles of river. It’s not a real one though
The story of my sister falling into the bog – we were out geocaching, there was a tricky one to find, we were searching high and low in the forest. We were hunting near a muddy boggy area without finding it. My sister tried to cross a grassy bit but it wasn’t grass, it was a bog! She lost her welly boot and her foot went into the bog.
There once was a muddy puddle .When kids stepped in it, they were taken to a magic land.There they rode unicorns and ran with wolves.
Walking through the woods, stepping in the mud listening to a dog woof woof woof as it barks and a squirrel the sitting in the tree with a nut between its hands I smile in glee
We go for beach walks with our puppy Thor we jump up and down in the sand, and look in the rock pools to see what we can find, my little brother looks for pirates gold and we play with shells we love being outdoors it’s so much fun
We went for a walk in a REALLY muddy field and it was sooooooooo muddy our welly boots wouldn’t walk and we fell over.
We went for a walk, it was sunny but there was puddles! We put our wellies on, the red ones with my big welly socks and we stomped around until it was bedtime. Then we went to bed. Night.
We went on an adventure to the seaside and found ghost pirates and magic castles and Frankie dog came too
We went to a county Park and saw animals, my favourite were the donkeys and a big turkey!
We went to the stream today with our wellies and My brother  Rafael splashed me and he filled his boot with water!
When I was at teggs nose I climbed up a muddy hill then tried to get down but fell and landed on my knees it was hilarious ????