What To Pack – Camping Outfits For Different Age Groups

You’re going camping with your gang this summer and don’t have the outfits for your children sorted yet?

Don’t worry – we’ve put together a handy guide to help you out before you head off to the great outdoors!

Camping with children is fun but don’t forget to prepare for the unpredictable (i.e. British weather). If we have learnt one thing from camping with little ones, it is that layers are king as the temperature can suddenly go down in the evening, or we can wake up to a cold, rainy day. Make sure you bring different layers for your children – a warm jacket, a jumper and protective thermals will do a great job.

Here are some great outfit tips to make sure everyone is warm and happy and enjoys the family camping trip.

1) Baby & toddler outfit (0-3 yrs.)

Is this your little one’s first time camping? How exciting! We know that going camping with babies and toddlers involves quite a lot of preparation. Keeping everyone happy is certainly not easy but the right outfit is a good start! Make sure your little explorers stay dry and warm when they sleep and when they’re out and about.

Our cosy and waterproof splashsuits are our go-to outfit of choice when travelling and spending time outdoors with the youngest children. Puddle-proof and toasty, they will keep your little adventurers snuggly and dry come rain or shine. They’re perfect for napping and jumping in puddles too! Plus, they are made from a high quality recycled fabric – good for you and good for the planet too. Discover our handy (1) Puddlepac Lined All-in-One, perfect for colder days and our (2) unlined Puddlepac splashsuit with lots of room for extra layers. They pack into their own pocket and come with a practical carabiner, so you can attach them to your bag or buggy and take it with you anywhere you go.

We wouldn’t be Muddy Puddles if we didn’t talk about (4) wellies! A pair of splash-proof wellington boots is a must for all those who love spending their days splashing in puddles and running around. Pair your wellies with our chunky (3) welly socks to keep those little feet dry (nobody likes wet, cold feet, right?!)



2) Older children (3-12 yrs.)

Nothing beats sleeping under the stars and we’re sure that your older explorers will love a camping adventure! To make things smoother, make sure you pack the right outfit for your brave campers. Preparation is key as campfire evenings can be chilly. A waterproof Puddlepac lined jacket (1) designed to keep the happy campers dry and warm whatever the weather is always on top of our camping essential list. For warmer days, we recommend our handy unlined (2) pac a macs. Rainproof and protective, they pack into their own pocket and take little space in your suitcase or handbag. With a high quality zip, deep pockets, and easily machine washable, our jackets are a perfect option for when the sun has gone down.

Another useful item on our list is a pair of (3) waterproof trousers , perfect for playing in the pond or having fun in the puddles and super handy in case of sudden rain. Goodbye soggy bottoms – our weatherproof trousers withstand the wildest outdoor adventurers, splashing and sitting on wet ground. Young, brave campers don’t like being restricted by the weather when they’re enjoying the great outdoors – that’s why our kit is designed with their freedom and wilderness in mind.

Have a look at our cosy and warm (4) socks, ready to pop on when it gets chilly. They will keep your children’s feet snuggly on the long woodland walks, but they also keep them warm at night (a good night’s sleep means no grumpy faces in the morning).

Another item to put on your checklist is a pair of fun and reliable (5) wellies. Great for wading through mud and splashing in puddles, they come in fun and bright prints and keep the water out even in rough weather conditions (and we know anything can happen when you’re out and about camping!).

Are you looking for some rainy-day camping activities? Discover our fun outdoor toys and our fun camping crafts for children of all ages, perfect to keep your little ones entertained on a gloomy day.

We’d love to see your ultimate camping checklist – leave us a comment below and share your camping-must haves with us.