How to play quoits?

Quoits is a perfect game for family gatherings and can be played outdoors! Traditionally, the game is played with metal discs, usually made of steel, but the Muddy Quoiters usually play children-approved garden quoits and swap metal discs for ropes.

There are three different variations of quoits in the UK – the northern game, the long game (played in Wales and Scotland) and East Anglian quoits (an English version of the long game, played with quoits of reduced size and weight).

The rules are very simple. Traditionally, a game is played by two teams of either two or four players. The quoits are pitched alternately, every player of a team throws 2 quoits each (we call it a “round”) and walks to the other hob and throws the quoits at the opposite hob. Whoever throws the quoit nearest to the pin wins and scores two points if both quoits are nearest to the pin (otherwise one point). The first player to reach 21 points is the winner!

Ready to play? Remember not to aim at people or animals. You can now flip a coin to decide who takes the first throw!

Stand away from the pegs (1,5- 3m should be perfect) and try to get a rope over a peg.

After throwing all the ropes, simply add up the points scored by each player.

Playing quoits is a great way to develop fundamental movement skills such as throwing, which is really important and should be encouraged in the early years. It’s also super fun!