Build Your Own Winter Bird Feeder

We’ve decided to veer away from the ever-popular pine cone & peanut butter bird feeder. We’ve created this quirky alternative! It’s perfect for livening up your garden this winter and is super simple. See our step by step guide here.


It’s good to provide food for the birds all year round but particularly in the winter when their natural food is sparse. Providing a good mixed feed will encourage a number of different species into your garden. Look out for robins, blackbirds, collared doves, woodpigeons and sparrows – they are some of the most common!

What You’ll Need


  • A large orange left over from Christmas.
  • Bird Seed (make sure it’s suitable for wild birds)
  • 2 Small Sticks
  • String


1. First you’ll need to hollow out the orange. This step is very reminiscent of pumpkin carving at Halloween! Cut the top off the orange then circle round the pulp with a knife and scoop out anything that remains with a spoon – this bit should probably be left to the adults!


2. Next we’re going to make somewhere for the birds to sit while they dine. Pierce a hole in the bottom of the orange using a sharp pencil then feed the stick all the way through. Repeat this step with your second stick, positioning it so the two sticks make a cross.


3. Now tie a piece of sting to all four ends of the sticks and then tie them all together with a knot so you can hang your bird feeder.

4. The last step is to fill your bird feeder with seed, make sure you pack it in nice and tight to fit as much in as possible.

5. Now hang your bird feeder in the garden and wait for the birds to come and enjoy the feast you’ve laid out for them!


Who knows you may even find yourself with a keen birdwatcher on your hands! It could even become a fun activity for the whole family. Just get some binoculars, a pair of wellies and a waterproof and see how many species you can find. Also be sure to check out the RSPB’s latest campaign coming up at the end of the month! Have fun!