Her new favourite shoes, our Classic Wellies have come out on top

Top blogger Sianna from Wave to Mummy gives top marks to our Classic Wellies! Read the full review here.


My toddler loves wearing wellies. And why wouldn’t she – they are meant for puddle-jumping which is the best thing since sliced bread as far as she is concerned.



After a big rain fall we often go out puddle hunting for some puddle jumping. No puddle is deemed too insignificant. It doesn’t matter if it is on the side of the road, or in the park. It doesn’t matter if it gives just one splash before it is gone, or thoroughly manages to soak your bum and your mum. It is all good.

So, on our puddle hunting exploration we found a little puddle in the park.  I thought it was far too small and the splash far too unsatisfactory. But my daughter zoned in on it and there was no way to get her walk further in a search for a better puddle.
Being happy with what you have and finding joy from the little things in life, I guess that is something that many adults could learn from. I know I could.

It is all about those little things in life. Little things like getting new Classic wellingtons from Muddy Puddles and immediately insisting on wearing them. And then insisting on wearing them every day (must be a very comfortable pair!).  They were sturdy enough for a long walk in the forest,  with a good grip on the soles so no muddy paths stopped us. Being quite long on the legs I am sure will serve us well and last several growth spurts.


After much, practically everyday, use and much bashing around the house they have lasted in a beautiful condition, with the Louboutin-like splash of red still brightening the soles for those gloomy, muddy, welly-wearing days.

Here’s to many more puddle jumping adventures to come! *splash!*

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