5 Easy And Fun Half Term Craft Ideas

We know that coming up with half term activity ideas for your children can be a real headache! At Muddy Puddles, we love easy and fun nature crafts – we’ve rounded up our top 5 craft ideas to make your life a little easier.

These lovely crafts will be ready in no time plus they are super fun for the little artists to take part in!

5 Easy And Fun Half Term Craft Ideas

1) Potato stamps

Making potato stamps is so easy and satisfying! Plus, it will keep your little ones busy for hours.

You’ll need:

– A couple of potatoes

– Small kitchen knife

– Paint

– Dish

– Sheets of white paper


– Clean, dry and cut the potatoes in half

– Ask your little ones to choose their favourite shapes and carve out the desired shape with a knife

– Prepare different colours of paint and put them in the dish

– Ask children to dip their potato stamps in paint and press them onto the paper. Your potato art is ready!

2) Orange bird feeders

Turn an orange into a lovely homemade bird feeder. Hang it in your garden and give birds a little treat!

You’ll need:

– An orange (one orange makes two feeders)

– Knife

– String

– Birdseed

– Lard


– Cut the orange across and scoop the flesh into a bowl

– Pierce two holes in the orange skin (at the base) and thread a piece of string through them to make a hanging loop

– Mix small pieces of lard with bird seeds and fill the orange with the mixture

– Hang your bird feeder up on a tree branch in a visible area to attract birds

5 Easy And Fun Half Term Craft Ideas

3) Paper bag scarecrow

Make a paper bag scarecrow to protect your garden (or home) from unwanted guests!

You’ll need (for one scarecrow):

– Brown paper bag

– Scissors

– Two buttons

– Card stock in 4 different colours (e.g. black for eyes, orange for nose, brown for hat and yellow for hair)

– Something to staff your scarecrow with, e.g. shredded paper

– PVA glue

– Black marker

– String/twine (optional)


– Cut out the shape of a hat, eyes, nose (triangle) and hair from the card stock

– Glue on the buttons (eyes)

– Glue on the hat, the nose and the hair

– Draw a smile with a black marker

– Stuff your bag with shredded paper and glue the bottom of the bag or tie it with a piece of string/twine

5 Easy And Fun Half Term Craft Ideas

4) Cork tree painting

Use your spare wine corks to make these lovely autumnal paintings.

You’ll need:

– Sheets of white paper

– Piece of brown paper

– Wine corks

– Scissors

– Finger paints in different colours

– Glue stick

– Dish


– Cut out a tree form out of brown paper and glue it to the plain paper

– Pour a little paint in the dish

– Dip the corks in the paints and print colourful dots around the top of the tree to create “leaves”

– Let your “painting” dry completely – it’s ready!

5) Stickman

This is probably the easiest craft in the world and is perfect for the little ones. All you need to do is go for a walk with your pups and collect a couple of sticks.

You’ll need:

– Sticks

– Leaves

– Googly eyes

– Strong glue

– Two brown pipe cleaners (optional)


– Glue the sticks together to create arms, legs and torso. Alternatively, bend pipe cleaners around the stick to create arms and legs

– Stick on the googly eyes

– Stick on the leaves to create “hair”

– Your stick man is ready!

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