#ShowTheLove and Create Your Own Green Hearts

Valentine’s Day may have been and gone, but that doesn’t mean to you can’t continue to #ShowTheLove this February half term.


And what better way for your young explorers to get outdoors by creating their very own hand made hearts from some natural greenery! Share your handy work online and spread the word in protecting the world from climate change, encouraging people to make clean energy choices. Don’t forget to include the #ShowTheLove hashtag with your post to really make the difference!

For further information about the Climate Coalition’s #ShowTheLove campaign and how you can get involved, take a read of the website here.

Step 1 – Step foot into your garden or take a trip to your local park, get ready to forage and find some outdoor greenery to build your heart with.

Step 2 – Explore your area and begin collecting leaves or grass from hedges and if you can reach, off trees, just watch out for any prickly ones!

1 Pick

Step 3 – Once you have collected your crops, start thinking about the heart and begin to arrange a shape, you may want to use some sticks to help you with this.


Step 4 – Don’t be afraid! Take a seat on the floor and create your heart using those earthy greens!

Top Tip – You may even want to tie the stems together to create smaller heart shapes inside.


Step 5 – Free feel to add some decoration using other plants you may have found or arrange your leaves into a pattern using alternate shades and colours to spruce up your shrubs.


Step 6 – Once complete share your hearts and messages with us on Twitter – @muddypuddles. Check out what others have been sharing here.

Heart 3