Fundraising for FFCC – Welly Wanging

In 2016 Muddy Puddles is delighted to be supporting Farms for City Children, who do outstanding work giving over 3,250 children per year from all over the country a unique opportunity to live and work together for a week at a time on a real farm in the heart of the countryside.

It is an intense, ‘learning through doing’ experience of a different life for children who may not know where their food comes from and have limited opportunities to explore the outside world. As part of FFCC’s 40thanniversary celebrations their founders Michael and Clare Morpurgo are hosting a performance of War Horse in London on 25th February.

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In support of this we’re offering schools the chance to fundraise for this marvellous cause, and in return they could win tickets to The War Horse! See our top fundraising ideas & get your school involved here!

Welly Wanging

How about holding a welly wanging competiton & pay a small amount for people to enter?!

The Official Four Best Techniques to Welly Wang!



Welly Wanging World Championships!

Welly Wanging’s popularity has never dipped since it’s creation, and Welly Wanging World Championships are held globally each year, from England to New Zealand! However the main event is still held at the town of it’s creation in Upperthong during the Upperthong Gala Weekend.


The Historical Legend of Welly Wanging welly yellow boy

Legend has it that Welly Wanging was born from the result of a fight between two local farmers in the area one ale fuelled evening. One of the farmers freshly poured beverage was knocked from his hand, spilling right into the boot of an innocent bystanding farmer. This act of the ale spilling would of in itself received a very angry reaction from the village folk at the time, let alone the clumsy farmer tipping his drink over another man! The clumsy farmer could see just how angry the wet-booted farmer was and so, he ran! In immediate reaction the ale filled booted farmer pulled off his soaked welly and ran after him!


As the removal of his boot of course made him much slower then the beverage spilling culprit, he decided to wang his welly at him! No one knows if the welly hit the running farmer, but the great length at which that welly reached was jaw dropping to the locals, and from this moment Welly Wanging was supposedly born. Many village people heard of the story and of the distance the welly reached, and began to attempt to throw it as far or further. The activity soon turned into a village wide, fun competition to see who could throw the welly the furthest, and thus Welly Wanging became Upperthong Village life history, and a worldwide played game to this day!

So rope off a course, grab various pairs of wellies and get wanging for a great cause!

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