Fun Summer Activities

Darren  One Dad 3 Girls Image #2

Our Muddy Dad Darren from One Dad 3 Girls has created this fantastic piece about getting out and about and embracing the summer.

So the school holidays have arrived, and for many parents it brings that fear of ‘oh heck this is going to be expensive.’

For us we try not to spend too much money, there are ways you can enjoy the Summer without it costing lots, and often the best days in the holidays are the free ones. There are a few things that we like to do to enjoy the great outdoors.

For instance, our girls love arts and crafts, and now is the perfect time to allow them to make as much mess as possible, as well as being creative. We grab a few large stones, some paint and just allow them to paint various designs over the stones. The best bit is, if they make a mess you can just hose it down afterwards. The stones they paint are being used in our fairy garden.

We don’t get to go to the seaside as much as we like in the Summer, so we bring the beach to our back garden. A few years back we bought a small sandpit, we’ve also got a paddling pool and these two items provide days’ worth of fun! It also means you don’t have to fight for space with other people!

One of our favourite things to do no matter what the time of year, well, as long as it’s dry, is to head out for a picnic. Often we have no idea where we’ll end up, but we pack a little picnic for us and normally just go out for a walk somewhere. Around us we have a few places to explore such as the Ashdown Forest and the good thing about these places, is that you’ll normally find an ice cream man nearby which is perfect for the Summer.

You see, the Summer holidays don’t have to be expensive as long as you just enjoy it.