10 Fun Indoor And Garden Activities For Children

If you read our blog or follow us on social media, you surely know that we love getting outdoors. While we recommend spending at least 2 hours a week outside to help keep children’s bodies and minds healthy, we know it is now more difficult than ever to spend as much time away from your home as you would like due to the trying times we’re going through.

We know it’s not easy to keep little ones busy and entertained at home or in the garden, so we wanted to share with you some easy and fun ideas on how to make your indoor time feel more wholesome and fun. From baking together to building a homemade obstacle course, we have something for everyone.

1) Try indoor exercises or dance classes

Exercise together (at home or in the garden, if you have one) to burn off some energy and relax. Try yoga, online dance classes or anything that will make you feel better. Exercising is such a great and easy way to help boost the spirits at this trying time.

2) Cook or bake together

Preparing a delicious meal together is a great bonding exercise. Plus, it promotes healthy eating habits and can be very relaxing (if you ignore the dirty dishes…). Try to cook together whenever you can with your little helpers. Eating together as a family means you finally have some time to talk, listen and build closer relationships with your family members. You can also try baking a simple cake together. Because honestly, who doesn’t like a pudding?

berry pie

3) Make an indoor garden

Bring the outdoors indoors and grow vegetables or herbs on your windowsill. Plants will make your home look nicer and looking after them will keep your children busy and give them a sense of purpose. Edible plants such as rosemary, chives, basil or oregano are easy to take care of and will make a yummy and healthy addition to your meals.

4) Organise an outdoor painting party

A large canvas (or unused area of garden wall) in your back garden will allow for hours of fun for your little artists. Provide a collection of water based paints and kit your children out with lightweight overalls or all-in-ones before you let them get to work. Messy play at its best but with all the mess out of the house – this is what we like best.

5) Play board games

Playing good, old board games is not only fun but will also keep your family entertained and focused (at least for some time). It is also a great way to bond and try something new that you never had time for.

6) Organise an indoor obstacle course

Build a child-friendly obstacle course for your little ones with whatever you have at home – pillows, cardboard boxes or even books will do great. You can make it more challenging by asking your kids to get from obstacle to obstacle in a certain way e.g. jumping, dancing or walking backwards. Make sure to have a prize ready for the winner!

child wearing base layers in a chalet

7) Get creative

Now it’s the perfect time to start a new creative project with your little artists. Make crafts with recycled materials, paint, create a family scrapbook or even dust off your colouring books and have a crafty evening together.

8) Organise a treasure hunt

An exciting treasure hunt is always a good idea and it will keep your children entertained for hours. Write down some (not too difficult) clues, hide lots of little treasures around the house and ask your little ones to find them as quickly as possible. You can even determine a theme (e.g. pirate treasure hunt) to make the activity more fun.

girl wearing ecosplash jacket in garden

9) Play hide and seek

We recommend enjoying this one in the garden, but if you have enough space at home, nothing stops you from playing indoors. Hide and seek is not only fun, but also helps children develop social skills, agility and coordination. Plus, it’s a great exercise and will help your little ones burn off some energy.

10) Build a blanket fort

This one is our all-time favourite activity and it’s so easy to put together. Build a simple blanket fort in your living room (or in the garden if it’s warm enough outside) for your children and we guarantee they will love it. You can then enjoy some relaxing activities in your blanket fort – read books, have some snacks or play games together. Here are some easy den building ideas to put into practice.