5 Super Fun Activities With Muddy Puddles Outdoor Toys

There’s no better way to encourage your curious explorers to spend more time outdoors than giving them the right tools! Discover our fun outdoor toys, perfect for bright, young adventurers.

From building their very own tent to diving into the world of trees – there are so many fun activities to enjoy outside. Make your children’s outdoor play even more exciting with our outdoor toys and games. We’re sure all the parents out there will love them too – what’s better than feeling like a child from time to time? Here’s what you can do:

5 Super Fun Activities With Muddy Puddles Outdoor Toys

1) Hoot like an owl

Have you ever tried talking to an owl? We’ve heard that if you hoot to them, they will hoot back to you! Holding a conversation with these fascinating birds will be much easier if you have our owl hoot handy before you go for a walk to the woods. Our owl hoot set includes a brilliant wooden bird call made from silver birch wood. Encourage your little explorers to “talk” to owls. Ask them to blow gently on the hoot whistle to let the owls know you’re an ally and get their attention. We’re sure they’ll hoot back! Who knows, maybe other birds will join in, too?

2) Learn all about trees

Ever wondered what is the name of that tree that you and your children see every day on your way to school? Discover the fascinating world of trees with our All About Trees kit. Head to the nearest forest or local park with your curious explorers and put our kit into test! The kit includes 24 tree species identification cards – try spotting as many species as you can with your little ones. There’s also a tree height measure, a real skeleton leaf with instructions on how to make your own and 3 different tree seeds with growing instructions.

5 Super Fun Activities With Muddy Puddles Outdoor Toys

3) Go on a bug hunt

Do you know any crazy bug explorers who spend hours observing those fascinating creatures? Now they can dive into the world of the little creepy crawlies with our super fun All About Bugs kit. Our kit comes with 24 identification cards illustrating over 160 bugs, a collection jar, a handy catching net, a notepad and a pencil to record and draw the creatures and lots of information on what to look out for and do. Our kit is perfect for all the families out there itching for some outdoor fun. Remember to treat your crawlies with care and set them free once you’ve finished spying on them.

4) Build your own den

Building your very own den and having a hideaway for a day is so satisfying! There’s nothing easier than putting together a simple den – you need a couple of twigs and sticks, and it’s done. If you feel like upgrading your and your little one’s den building skills, have a look at our Original Den Kit (we’re delighted to see it featured in The Independent’s “10 best outdoor toys” round-up!).

It’s perfect for teaching your brave adventurers some new skills and nurturing their imaginations. The kit includes everything you need to build a den – a rainproof camouflage tarpaulin, a waterproof groundsheet, a handy wooden mallet, a rope and 8 tent pegs (we’ve even popped in a tube of face paint and a mug, so your explorers can enjoy a warming cuppa). Now this is what we call a proper den!

5 Super Fun Activities With Muddy Puddles Outdoor Toys

5) Dive into the world of birds

Discover the wonderful world of birds with our fun and informative bird watching kit. Ask your little ones to bring the brilliant birds identification cards on a family walk. Our kit also includes binoculars, a notepad and even a couple of bird food recipes. Spying on birds is a great way for you and your curious explorers to spend more time outdoors.

If you want to encourage your young adventurers to spend more time outside (and have lots of fun!), check out all our super outdoor toys, perfect for the whole family.