Top 5 First Signs Of Spring To Look Out For

It may still be chilly outside, but spring is just around the corner. We have put together a list of the first signs of spring to watch out for.

Read on to discover the top 5 signs of spring to look out for with your children.

1) Buds and flowers

Things are getting colourful; blossoming trees and shy, delicate spring buds are all around. Lovely daffodils, crocuses, tulips and daisies burst into life and it means one thing: spring is coming. Magnolias and their wonderful scent are also an undeniable sign of the spring season. There are lots of magnolia viewing spots in the UK – why not spend a family day out enjoying the view of these gorgeous star-shaped flowers? Bluebell carpets, another lovely sign of spring, are also worth discovering.

2) Longer and warmer days

This is a pretty obvious sign of spring, but oh so pleasant! The days are getting longer and more and more often we wake up to beautiful sunshine. Staying outdoors in the evening becomes a pleasure as the temperature goes up and it’s lighter outside. It also means waking up in a good mood, longer walks with your children and more outdoor activities in general. It might still get chilly in the evening, so don’t forget to pack a warm jacket.

3) Birdsong and nesting

Mornings and late afternoons are filled with lovely birdsong. Is there anything better than listening to the bird sounds while the sun rises in the horizon? Nesting is also an early sign of spring. If you spot rooks flying here and there around early March, it most certainly means they are busy building cosy nests for their little ones.

4) Busy bees and friends

Have you ever seen a red squirrel? Now is the perfect time. You can spot these little fluffy creatures all year round, but they are the most active and step outdoors at the beginning of spring. Bees, hares and frogs emerge as well, encouraged by warmer temperatures. Try to spot them on your nature walks or in a farm park!

5) Cherry blossom

Blooming trees covered in pink flowers are one of the loveliest signs of the new season. If you live in London, take your little ones for a family walk and spot as many cherry blossoms as possible – here are 12 lovely places in London where you can spot cherry blossom.

First signs of spring in Britain
Photo credit: @dollydowsie