First Day Of School – 8 Tips From The Muddy Team

Back to school is right around the corner and we’ve put together a few useful tips for a great first day of school.

We’ve rounded up a few tips on how to prepare your little ones for the new school term and have a brilliant first day of school. Read on and have a wonderful and stress-free back to school season!

1) Good night’s sleep

Get your children to bed early so that they wake up feeling fresh and happy in the morning. You can even establish a new bedtime routine a couple of weeks before school starts to help them set up good sleeping habits. For instance, you can try to wake your children a couple of minutes earlier each morning. It will make the transition to back to school sleep schedule easier.

2) Healthy breakfast

Start the day with a healthy and delicious breakfast to keep your children focused and energetic until lunchtime. Try to make the first day of school special and prepare something yummy and healthy for breakfast like pancakes or chocolate porridge.

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3) Get organised

Pack their school bags and organise their outfits the night before. Make sure their pencil case has everything they need in it with shiny sharp pencils and an ink ready pen. It always feels so good to take this out in the first lesson!

4) Name stickers

Get your name stickers sorted before school kicks off. We recommend putting name stickers in shoes with L for left and R for right to make things easier for smaller children.

5) Be weatherproof

Make sure your children have a lightweight waterproof jacket handy in their school bag. September’s weather can be pretty unpredictable, and a drizzle-defeating jacket is always a great idea. Clip our super practical Puddlepac jacket to their school bag for the first few sunny weeks so they don’t get caught out.

6) Share your memories

Go for a family walk with your adventurers and share your school memories with them. Focus on the positive experiences and talk about your favourite classmates and teachers or share your funny moments.

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7) Take a photo

Everyone loves looking back at old photos and those of the first day of school are very special. Make sure you have enough time in the morning to have a nutritious breakfast, get your little learners ready for school and save some extra time to snap a photo of them showing off their backpack and uniform! Capture this special moment so you have a keepsake of your little one’s first day to look back at.

8) Have a lucky stone

We absolutely love our Chief Mudder’s tip! Natasha always gives each of her children a lucky stone to keep in their pocket which they can rub if they feel worried and help remind them that she’s with them.

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Do you have other tips for a great first day of school? Leave us a comment below.