Festival & Waterpoofs – Lovely review on this season’s best things!

Nothing beats a summer weekend spent outdoors like a festival or camping adventures with your family. But with any trips with little ones mean having to be very organised, well fed and of course packing the essentials to keep everyone happy…and by that we mean keeping the children busy and comfortable whereever they go.

Mummy blogger Clare of Mudpie Fridays recently braved the festival season and camped out with her son Monkey  at the Big Family Festival.  In true British fashion, rain was inevitable,  with enough splatter,  mud and outdoor adventures at hand. And we’re so glad our waterproofs were there to keep them warm, dry and happy.

Here’s an snap of Monkey in his element and playfully posing for his Mum in our lightweight Pac-A-Mac jacket and Puddlestomper wellies. Clearly, he loves the head to toe stripes look and we must say it looks absolutely lovely on him!

We we’re also told blue is his favourite colour and asked him a few more questions from our ‘How Wild is Your Child Survey’ and he happily shared his answers with us.

1. What is your best thing to do in the rain?

Stay out there in the rain and stand there getting soaked. Playing with tag with Kipper.

2. What is the grossest thing you have seen on out on adventures?

When we went for a walk down the footpath and saw the fox that was dead. But it was so dead only its fur was left. I thought it was a cat at first.

3. What does winter make you think of?

Ice and snow. One day I would like to build a snowman

4. Do you have a hideout? If so where is it – would you tell us?

I do, its under my bed in my den. I hide all my treasure there

5. What is your favourite colour and what does it make you think of in nature?

Blue and it makes me think go ice

6. What makes you feel brave?

When I am in the dark and when I am high as I don’t really like being high

Isn’t he a darling?

Her smallest explorer, Kipper, stayed home but not did not miss out on any fun. He ran wild in the garden in our Puddle Pac All-In-One , which kept him comfortably playing and cosy outdoors. From what we hear, he’s had plenty of use of it, which is what we love to hear. Perfect for big travels or smalls, it’s one of our favourite essential too.

You can read more about Clare’s festival adventure and review, plus a chance to win your very own All-in-One here. Good luck!