Our Favourite Christmas Books For Children

As Christmas is approaching, we’ve rounded up our team’s favourite Christmas books for little ones.

We cannot imagine Christmas without Christmas books and bedtime stories. Family reading time is super fun and brings you closer to your little readers. Let us know what’s your favourite Christmas book in the comments below!

1) The Polar Express by Chris Van Allsburg

“My favourite Christmas book is “The Polar Express”. As a child, I loved reading about the mysterious journey to the North Pole. My parents used to read me this book every night before bed, I loved it! I also like “Twelve Gifts for Santa Claus” by Mauri Kunnas. It’s about Little Willie, the youngest elf in Santa’s village, who does a good deed for Santa each day for his Christmas gift.”


2) The Boy Called Christmas by Matt Haig

“I absolutely love ‘The Boy Called Christmas’ by Matt Haig. Every year as a family we read a Christmas novel all together throughout December. The ones by Matt Haig are funny and charming and exciting and they work for my 6-year-old, my 11-year-old and crucially me and my husband. I am just about to buy his new one about Father Christmas for this year and am really looking forward to it.”


3) Papa Panov’s Special Day by Leo Tolstoy

“A lovely Christmas story with an important message for children and adults alike. This lovely book will always make me think about Christmas! It is about a cobbler who is set to experience a Christmas miracle. He meets people from all walks of life, invites them in for a hot drink, helps them and shares the little that he has with them. It shows how our actions are so important and that we can all help each other even if we think we don’t have much which is a really lovely message, especially this time of the year.”

Anna Sara

4) Stickman by Julia Donaldson

“It is the story of a stick man who gets separated from his family when he goes for a jog and is picked up by a dog. He goes on lots of adventures, eventually meeting Father Christmas and being reunited with his family. As with all Julia Donaldson books, it rhymes and flows beautifully, and my kids love to recite the words and shout out “I’m a stick man, I’m a stick man” as he is continually mistaken for a normal stick! It is a story that demonstrates the importance of family and friendship which I think is a great message at this time of year!”


5) The Story of Holly and Ivy by Rumer Godden

“My favourite Christmas book is The Story of Holly and Ivy. Ivy is an orphan who has always pretended that she has a grandmother. On Christmas Eve, she is put on a train going to a children’s home where she is to spend Christmas day. When the train stops, Ivy jumps off to look for her grandmother… It’s such a lovely and moving story, I read it to my children every Christmas.”