Our Wild and Muddy Adventure on Farnham Park

Our marvellous Muddy Ambassador, Emily, filled us in what happened at our recent Wild and Muddy Adventure on Farnham Park! Were you there? Don’t forget to send your nature crown creations to marketing@muddypuddles.com

On the 19th February our little muddy puddlers returned to Farnham Park to explore the woods and try their hand at den building and nature crown making. The event was a huge hit which saw over 50 local families attend on this rather misty but colourful Sunday morning.


As usual Muddy Puddles had provided a brilliant selection of activity sheets and ideas for exploring the woods and grounds set next to Farnham castle, all we needed now was some enthusiasm, energy and lots of pairs of wellies!


First in our bag of goodies was our ‘match the colour’ sheet. Our explorers had half an hour to head out and find as many different bits of nature as they could that matched up with the 12 colours on the sheet. We had everything from twigs, leaves and bark to fallen petals and moss covered stones. To help us explore the colours further we read Wow Said the Owl, a beautiful book written by Tim Hopgood about an baby owl that stays awake in the day and discovers lots of new colours.

After the story and a quick fruity snack kindly provided by Bear Nibbles it was on to the science sheet and den building, but before we did anything we had to try a little science experiment of our own! This is a great activity to try anywhere where there is a big tree and some land around it. After everyone had lined up we had to bend upside down and see if we could see the top of the tree through our legs. I can hear some of you asking “but why?!” well although we all looked like we were about to do a forward roll (!) this was actually a fun measuring exercise. We learnt that if you can see the top of the tree through your legs then the distance from your feet to the base of the tree is how high the tree is!


After regaining our balance the children set about making some fantastic dens for mini beasts and bugs. We had worms and woodlice and even a rather smart looking snail. Everyone took turns to huff and puff at their dens to test the strength and before we knew it Farnham park had been turned into a small village just waiting for its new residents to crawl in!


We then gathered round to read another great story, this time about Hodge the Hedgehog and his own secret hedge den, if you haven’t heard of this book I can highly recommend it. A lovely story all about sharing and working together.


With just half an hour to go and still brimming with plenty of energy the children were back out hunting for nature gems to adorn their paper crowns. We had a fabulous array of creations using daisies, leaves and even some very well stuck conkers! These were proudly worn as the group worked together to use up the last of our nature treasures and create one large muddy puddles sign.

All in all we had another brilliant morning courtesy of Muddy Puddles and of course the amazing surroundings of Farnham Park. We had learnt how to measure a tree, built small homes for our insect friends and explored the lovely colours of season – until next time Muddy Puddlers!