Get Creative with Our Bugs and Butterfly Craft Kit!

The Easter holidays have arrived! At Muddy Puddles we are here to inspire your family with the best outdoor activities to entertain your young explorers whilst on their breaks, but we do like to dabble in a bit of craft! Keeping to our ethos, and generally being big fans of the outdoors, we are proud to introduce our Bugs and Butterfly Craft Kit as part of our brand new Explorer Store, providing your young explorer with the best adventure accessories! Such as compasses, boomerangs and much, much more!

The Bugs and Butterfly Craft Kit is a great gift for any nature loving child, full of quality craft materials and a storybook to take them on another adventure!


Your explorers will join Oggle Pip as he takes them through long grass in the search interesting bugs. They’ll be on the hunt for ladybirds’, spiders and even a colourful butterfly! This story is perfect for teaching your youngsters to read, they’ll also have the chance to release their creative side as they explore through the craft box of materials.

We would also like to take this opportunity to invite you to Bristol, Manchester or London on the 24th of April for a real life Nature Scavenger Hunt! Like the story, your adventurers will have the chance to hunt for wildlife, bugs and whatever the outdoors offers in one of our hand-picked locations. After, they will have the chance to put their craft into practice, creating a collage using the treasures they find whilst on their travels.

If you would like to join us, click here for more information – happy hunting!