Stay Green and Show the Love for Our Planet

Within the next 20 years, global warming is expected to increase by 0.2 degrees per decade. This may sound small, but by the time your children have grown up, the world we love could be servely damaged. The things which we cherish and hold dearest to us could be no more.

But it doesn’t need to be this way. By making small changes in the way we live our lives we can help protect our planet from ongoing problems.

Show The Love green heart

Climate Coalition UK, the largest group of people dedicated to climate change took action, and in February launched their #ShowTheLove campaign. In the run up to the 14th and Valentine’s day they encouraged and inspired thousands of people across the country to not only sign their petition but to #ShowTheLove, share why and how they plan to make their difference to protect the world from climate change.

Here are some examples, some may surprise you!

The campaign was a huge hit across the internet and on social media. Within the run up to Valentine ’s Day, thousands of messages were shared from people who had created their very own green hearts, the iconic symbol of the campaign.


Inspired by the concept we too showed love for our planet and created one of our own… of course using nature and the great outdoors as our tool. Read how here.


Be sure to sign the petition and get involved with the campaign to show your love for the planet and help protect it from climate change.

Don’t forget to share your hearts and posts to encourage others to make healthy energy choices.

Stay green!